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I was reading about Human Migration over my lunch break because I noticed that Denmark has a place called "Zealand" so I thought, "that must be where New Zealand got its name".

I then stumbled upon this Creationwiki.com (I've never heard of this site before) article about Human Migration which claims that everyone has the same common female ancestor and that she lived 6500 years ago.

If this is true, then it would contradict "The Theory of Evolution".

Is there a way these 2 can agree?

Article: http://creationwiki.org/Human_migration

asked Dec 03 '10 at 13:56

FizzNakLe's gravatar image


It cannot be true, for that to happen The super continent Pangea should still be together, and Pangea divided millions of years ago. The story of Eve it isn't even close to that date. That's just wrong.

answered Dec 03 '10 at 13:59

Patxi's gravatar image


Yeah, I was confused by the map on the page saying life originated in the what looks to be Israel or Jordan.

If I look at the article on Wikipedia it explains it better. What a lop-sided website that creationwiki site is.

(Dec 03 '10 at 14:11) FizzNakLe FizzNakLe's gravatar image
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