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I recently got a new iPod Touch, so I'm finally using iOS again after I sold the iPhone 3G earlier this year. I've got a good number of apps already downloaded, but I'm still looking for more suggestions.

So tell me, What's your favorite iOS app, or a few must have apps?

asked Dec 07 '10 at 02:26

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Dylan ♦♦

closed Dec 07 '10 at 02:33

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kevin ♦♦


Kevin, this isn't a duplicate post. There have been posts about iphone apps in the past, yes. However, THIS post is much more specific and asks something a little different. Please don't close posts that are "similar." Only close ones that are exact duplicates of older ones. :)

Also, no one should ever close a post by any moderator or administrator without checking with me first. ;-)

(Dec 07 '10 at 02:36) Kat ♦♦ Kat's gravatar image

Nice one Kat. :)

(Dec 07 '10 at 06:44) DazOwen DazOwen's gravatar image

Here is a quick list:

  • skyfire (flash videos on iOS without jailbreaking)

  • TVU Player (for over the seas live video)(I can't believe Apple approved it)

  • Skype


-Ventafone (ventrilo)



-Dragion Dictation




-Tap Sudio

-Commodore 64

answered Dec 07 '10 at 03:08

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kevin ♦♦

edited Dec 07 '10 at 03:11

I like:

'TechnoBox' - Great 303/909/707 Synth emulator

'Cut the Rope' - Addictive puzzle game

'StarDunk' - Addictive leader board/community basketball/hoop game

'HookChamp' - Fun rope/pendulum-physics game

'Tango' - 3g video calling

'UnicornDisco' - too funny


'Flashlight' - for midnight stumbles to the bathroom.

answered Dec 07 '10 at 06:45

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