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So,it all started with a Make-Zine book. I saw on the cover there was a circuit with 555s that had leds on them. They looked as if when you plugged them in, hypothetically they would pulse in a wave. The catch, is that they seemed to be connected to each of the 555s triggers. IS this posiibal instead of a 555 triggering a decade counter, if so I would like to get my hands on the schematic for this. Thanks

asked Dec 10 '10 at 17:15

Mac%20lover%204155's gravatar image

Mac lover 4155

a 555 triggering a decade counter is the essayist solution, if im not mistaking you are talking about a circuit like this: http://sensorsweep.tripod.com/sequencer.html However i am unsure of what the circuit in the book actually is. but what it sounds like is that every LED has its on 555 timer? If that is the case it could be possible if you start each timer with a phase shift or a delay, and if they each are set to the same timing. The issue is that 555 timers are not very accurate as far as keeping on time, it is likely being that 555 timers work on the charging of a cap which are made imperfectly so each timing may be off after a long time of use.

so if i understand what you are saying, yes it is, but timing is critical.

answered Dec 10 '10 at 23:49

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