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i have a netfaster modem router that has a built in firewall which all routers have . does this actually work ? i mean does it offer me any protection against hackers(through remote connection to my computers) or anything like that ? i am asking because my father has a local weather website and he has some webcams that capture images and are uploaded there but he has some problems with the firewall . when he disables it the webcams work fine but when it is turned on it will prevent the images from being uploaded.neither opening ports nor going through its settings to let the upload has helped

if we disable it will it have an impact on our systems safety or it will be better to keep the firewall using another router ?

(p.s. btw we have antiviruses installed but we want to know if the router firewall helps)

asked Dec 16 '10 at 06:25

Kostas's gravatar image


Routers are a great hardware firewall. Most routers have inbound connections on random ports defaulted to block. This is great for attackers who use ports other than 80 (HTTP, normal internet), 443 (SSL normal internet, secured) and 21 (FTP). The only thing that a router cannot block is browser based attacks, such as XSS (Cross Site Scripting).

If you want to use a different router, may I recommend using a Cisco or Linksys router/modem combo. Very easy to use and setup port forwarding and the like.

answered Dec 16 '10 at 11:30

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so you tell me that it is important to keep the firewall on . right ?

(Dec 16 '10 at 11:42) Kostas Kostas's gravatar image

I wouldn't go as far to say routers are a /great/ hardware firewall. Most bind insecurely allowing for the possibility of remote DNS exploits.

(Feb 03 '11 at 04:35) kmark937 kmark937's gravatar image

I guess some routers also have some firewall functionalities and some routers might function as a great hardware firewall. However, the premise that "routers are a great hardware firewall" is incorrect because not every router functions as a firewall (or a modem, for that matter). Not all routers filter TCP and/or UDP and/or ICMP and/or IGMP traffic, which is what firewalls tend to do. If you want a router that functions as a firewall, make sure it specifically mentions those firewall features you want on the box before purchasing (eg. stateful packet inspection, packet filtering and/or URL filtering).

answered Feb 03 '11 at 21:18

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edited Feb 03 '11 at 21:23

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