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Whenever I try to order anything from Amazon.com it wont says it can't ship to my adrees, but Amazon.ca does.

I have a friend who lives in a similar address, and get get things from .com just fine. What could be the problem?

asked Jan 07 '11 at 16:35

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edited Jan 07 '11 at 16:36

Because according to your profile you're in Canada.

answered Jan 07 '11 at 16:36

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edited Jan 07 '11 at 16:56

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Well, yes, But many people from Canada can order from Amazon.com...

(Jan 07 '11 at 16:37) Justin Justin's gravatar image

Why does it matter which you go to. Amazon.ca is just the version of Amazon for everyone in Canada. Just go to that

(Jan 07 '11 at 16:41) TomMaxwell TomMaxwell's gravatar image

Amazon.ca doesn't have very much of what Amazon.com does. If they were the same, I wouldn't have asked this question.

(Jan 07 '11 at 16:50) Justin Justin's gravatar image

Oh I didn't know that since I live in the US and never check. Maybe your friend was lucky and the system thinks he's in the US.

(Jan 07 '11 at 16:52) TomMaxwell TomMaxwell's gravatar image
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