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I need help finding a good net-book but for around three hundred dollars.For someone who is new to the Computer world, what are some of your suggestions for picking out the right one.What do I need to look for when buying?Say for someone who just wants to be able to browse the inter net, watch videos and shoot out some emails.

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asked Jan 26 '11 at 20:47

Dee%20Taylor's gravatar image

Dee Taylor

  • 6/9 Cell pack(You wont get 14hrs, be aware of that, even if the label says so; More like 6hrs).
  • 1,6ghz Dual or 2ghz single Minimum.
  • A keyboard that isnt tiny.
  • SD Card reader.
  • SSD is a big plus, but should be last on the list.
  • 1GB Ram is ok, but really should be looking at 2GB. Any more is a waste.
  • Windows 7 Starter is not Windows 7, be aware, google for more;
  • Linux can be a great option for netbooks
  • No matter what GFX will suck, as long as you can playback 1080 you're fine
  • Wireless N would be nice
  • They all have webcams, not a selling point.
  • 250GB HDD is more than enough.
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answered Jan 27 '11 at 04:42

Simon's gravatar image


Thank you for your advice, I did not now that about window. I use Ubuntu on all my machines.And thanks for the heads up on the web cams.

(Jan 27 '11 at 05:14) Dee Taylor Dee%20Taylor's gravatar image
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