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Just logged in and saw I had 2.3k Karma points but when I click on my profile, I actually have 2,251. I'm assuming once you reach over 50 it rounds now. I checked some other profiles and this seems to be the case. Just wondering.

alt text

asked Feb 04 '11 at 09:11

Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Steven Hibbs

edited Feb 04 '11 at 10:08


you know you have your E-Mail public here and not on your profile page? If you want to keep it private... well its a little bit late

(Feb 04 '11 at 10:12) nitrocrime nitrocrime's gravatar image

It doesn't really matter to me. My email address is pretty obvious. Plus it's out there on other sites right now as well. Feel free to drop me a line ;)

(Feb 04 '11 at 11:03) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Yeah I notice that some days ago when I have 9.055 and it represents on the posts as 9.100 it's normal I think, the code it's been through some changes like the new paragraph system Kevin made a post about.

answered Feb 04 '11 at 10:12

Patxi's gravatar image


Right. I saw a few new changes. Also I noticed the "Convert comment to answer" option. I like what I see so far. I just didn't know if this was unexpected or a permanent change. Thanks!

(Feb 04 '11 at 11:05) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

Here's something I noticed about the "Convert comment to answer" option.: You can use it on a closed question to answer the question.

(Feb 04 '11 at 12:41) zman zman's gravatar image

Yeah, but admins and mods don't like you to put comments on already closed questions, remember that!

(Feb 04 '11 at 12:50) Patxi Patxi's gravatar image

If you convert it quick enough, the only content the mods and Admins will see is the answer and there's no rule against answering a closed question. Go Loopholes!!!

(Feb 04 '11 at 13:09) zman zman's gravatar image

Honestly i dont think it rounds up.

answered Feb 04 '11 at 09:59

Jameel%20Alayyan's gravatar image

Jameel Alayyan


I didn't think it did, but how do you explain the picture above?

(Feb 04 '11 at 10:09) Steven Hibbs Steven%20Hibbs's gravatar image

WOW! that is interesting. Yeah I am fairly new here. Well I guess they do round it up now. do they? lol.

(Feb 04 '11 at 18:03) Jameel Alayyan Jameel%20Alayyan's gravatar image
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