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I'm looking for a script that automatically places a link or a track back link to the article when someone copies and paste from my website.

For example, if I copy and paste a section of text from a particulate website it automatically gives credit to them in the form of a "Read more" and with a link back to the original article.

How do I do that?

asked Feb 07 '11 at 01:57

Sozo's gravatar image


closed Feb 07 '11 at 06:42

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by Sozo Feb 07 '11 at 06:42

Yes, I know what you're talking about. Cnet has this on their articles, for example I just read some news and did CTRL + C there, then CTRL + V here:

And yet tech companies decided to see and be seen, with all the consequences that might entail.

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-20030808-71.html#ixzz1DG5IY9yH

It added a "Read more: blablabla" with the link.

I don't think you should do it though, I find it rather annoying because if I want to copy+paste something and you put more stuff in it, I'm just going to remove it because I don't really want the trackback link. If I want it I copy + paste the URL and that's it :)

This is the company that makes it happen: http://www.tynt.com/, but again, I advise you against doing it, it's not user friendly. There are even ways to block it, this is one.

answered Feb 07 '11 at 03:07

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edited Feb 07 '11 at 03:14

Finally, someone knows what I'm talking about, thank you. You do make valid points about not doing it though, I will have to take that into consideration. Again, thanks for your help.

(Feb 07 '11 at 06:39) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

that still doesn't work across websites

(Feb 07 '11 at 07:31) zman zman's gravatar image

That was never the premise :)

(Feb 07 '11 at 19:20) Alekz Alekz's gravatar image

then he wrote the question wrong because that was obviously the assumption of me and Duodave

(Feb 07 '11 at 19:36) zman zman's gravatar image

Perhaps you once again misunderstood.

(Feb 07 '11 at 19:57) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

Yes, I misunderstood just as Duodave whom was not attacked by you for some reason even though he had the same answer I did. You wrote the question wrong.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:03) zman zman's gravatar image

Clearly, you level of understanding is not up to par. The question was written fine, since other understood exactly what I meant. Second, it does work as I described it. Do your research.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:05) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

Other as in 1 out of the 3 people that answered your question yes.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:09) zman zman's gravatar image

give it a rest dude.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:20) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

I want to Sozo, I really do but you started this whole thing and you deeply offended me by calling me a homophobe. I don't fear homosexuals and I don't fear heterosexuals. Sorry to disappoint you.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:28) zman zman's gravatar image

Actions speak louder than words my friend but if I offended you, I apologize. Though your comments toward me were offensive as well. Perhaps you should read over what you said.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:31) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

I said I didn't want to read your [offensive word: leftist] website. I know you probably thought I was saying I didn't like it because it has the word gay in it and I hate anything gay but what I meant was that it was already not my job to prove your theory and the fact the site counters my political beliefs makes it even less worth my time. I do apologize for offending you if that was the case. I'll put this behind me now.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:36) zman zman's gravatar image

same here.

(Feb 07 '11 at 20:38) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image
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Yeah, I would have to say it's not technically possible, as the copy-paste of browsers isn't really something you can monitor with scripts or cookies. What I would suggest is make sure you have linkback and permalink buttons in your content and encourage visitors to use them, then have a script attached to those somehow.

answered Feb 07 '11 at 02:06

Duodave's gravatar image


Idk, I've seen it happen and it just happened to me when sourcing an article. I don't know how they did it, but clearly they did.

(Feb 07 '11 at 02:09) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

OK I think what you're seeing is that on WordPress blogs (and possibly other systems) blog software can "ping" one another. So if someone references someone's site on their site, one WordPress install automatically links it in the comment field.

At least, I think that's what you're talking about. It really doesn't have anything to do with copy/paste.

It would happen if I wrote a blog entry and said "Hey check out such and such blog entry at this URL...!" - the mentioned blog would be pinged by my copy of wordpress, creating the comment on their end.

answered Feb 07 '11 at 02:25

Duodave's gravatar image


I don't think so. I don't have wordpress, I don't like it, personally.

I was preparing the post on my blog, and before it was every published as as I hit paste (for the section I copied from that particular website (which is a typepad btw)) it automatically inserted a track back link.

It has to be a script or something, since nothing was even published at the time. IDK I was hoping someone here would have an answer.

(Feb 07 '11 at 02:30) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

It would be impossible to identify the exact original article through a script but I suppose you could make a script to display whether the content is used on another webpage. I don't know how though.

answered Feb 07 '11 at 02:02

zman's gravatar image


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