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I have been telling my friend to buy a external hard disk with a capacity of TBs. However I don't have much knowledge of externals. He is also an I.T. student (diploma). So you are the experts, what do you recommend? Is one brand better than the others?

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asked Feb 14 '11 at 09:37

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edited Feb 14 '11 at 12:58

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jakeludington ♦♦

I have used Western Digital drives for many years, and they are the only brand that I have used (for both internal and external drives) that have never failed me at all. Good prices for a good, quality, reliable product.

answered Feb 14 '11 at 12:46

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Same with me, very good brand.

(Feb 14 '11 at 13:35) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

I have been using Lacie drives for years now, for storing captured video. I have never had any problems. My frist drive, bought in 2005, is still going strong.


answered Feb 14 '11 at 09:39

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Evenm y father own's a Laice, the T.V. connector one's.

(Feb 14 '11 at 09:58) Yogi Yogi's gravatar image

I use a lot of western digital drives, both internal and external. I've also been using Simple Drives for external portability. I have found Seagate to be very reliable as well. As long as you maintain your drives by keeping them clean and free from rough handling, just about anything should work for you.

answered Feb 14 '11 at 11:05

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I bought an awesome Seagate BlackArmor drive. It has built-in network interface (as well as USB) so you can connect the drive to your router and access it from any of your computers on your network! It also has a web interface so you can manage the drive's functions with a browser.

Network drives tend to be more expensive than regular USB drives, but the functionality of having it is really pretty awesome.

You can even assign quotas to your users so if you are using the drive for say, a family, each family member can't exceed their quota.

answered Feb 14 '11 at 11:46

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I like Western Digital drives. I have both 750MB and 2TB MyBook drives and they've been trouble free so far. I also picked up a Seagate 2TB GoFlex Desk drive but I'm not crazy about it. It doesn't have a power button on the back so you have to pull the USB cable out to turn it off and it constantly disconnects and reconnects every time it goes into power saving mode so you hear the USB alert sound every 5 minutes. Seagate says there's nothing wrong with it but there are a bunch of people on their forum who are experiencing the same issue. They say the only way to stop the disconnect and reconnects is to set the drive to never enter power saving sleep mode which kinda defeats the purpose.

I'd say go WD MyBook. You can't go wrong.

answered Feb 14 '11 at 13:27

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The Kingfish

Most external (any brand) hard drives seem to be fine, I have several some brands that I've never heard of before and they work no problem. Get the biggest amount of space for your money as they do they tend fill up quickly a 1 TB hard drive is quite cheap now, so any from your local shop will do the job. Some of the larger ones require a power source so bare that in mind before buying if you want a smaller one like 160 to 320 gbs these don't usually require to be plugged in. They are like a giant flash drive really.

answered Feb 14 '11 at 16:22

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1TB should be well enough. Without programs and system files on a hard drive, you will be amazed how much will fit on there.

My 500GB upgrade drive currently holds Mac OS X 10.6, ubuntu 10.10, windows 7 home premium, has a ton of files and music and still has 160GB left.

Grab a 1TB external hard drive and you could last years without deleting a file. (then again, it depends how much and what type of file you are storing)

answered Feb 14 '11 at 16:54

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I have no idea how you do it - I've only had my laptop for a week now, and after virtual machines, music, a few digital copy movies, and my dual boot (50 gigs to Ubuntu) I'm down to 150gb. The 500 gig secondary in my main desktop rig is down to less than 20 gigs. :)

(Feb 15 '11 at 01:23) KnightZero KnightZero's gravatar image

I have a 1TB LaCie hard drive and I love it, specially the glossy black design. I highly recommend it!

answered Feb 14 '11 at 23:11

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WD has the best track record for external drives, in my experience.

answered Feb 15 '11 at 01:19

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I like WD drives myself. I've also used Seagate and liked them. For space, it depends on how much you are going to need. I have a 1TB drive, and it works pretty well for me, although I have lots of 250GB and 500GB internal drives in computers around the house. I think Seagate has a 2TB external drive for under $100 right now, which is a great deal if you ask me, if you want a WD drive, they might be a bit more expensive.

Another thing you might want to consider is to get a portable external drive or a powered on. A portable drive is usually the 2.5", and powers its self off of the computer's USB power. The other ones require a data USB cable, and then another cord for power that plugs into the wall. These are usually 3.5" drives inside. I personally use the wall-powered ones because I am always in a location with power, and they are usually cheaper than the portable drives.

answered Feb 15 '11 at 01:33

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