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Would you buy a new console if it is a Wii HD? I personally don't own a Wii, but I am interested in getting one if it does look like my other consoles.

asked Jun 05 '10 at 21:59

thehosthan's gravatar image


Absofreakinglootly. I love my Wii right now and the only real complaint is that it doesn't play DVD's and it isn't high def.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 22:01

xcalybur's gravatar image


Yes! I hate how the Nintendo Wii does not play DVD's! I do not understand why they did not include this feature.

(Jun 05 '10 at 22:04) rrm74001 rrm74001's gravatar image

Wii games are a little gimmicky so I wouldn't pay a premium just for the hd label

answered Jun 05 '10 at 22:03

FilipinoPower's gravatar image


Nah, Wii games aren't that good. I'd rather use my PC for gaming.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 22:01

ZebaSz's gravatar image


no. to be honest, i am considering selling my Wii.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 22:05

MackinChris's gravatar image


Personally I wouldn't, I'm happy using the current Wii and it's not really worth paying the premium for it for those type of games.

answered Jun 05 '10 at 22:05

lexat's gravatar image


Yes, I would buy the wii HD but i don't think it would be called "wii Hd." Nintendo did say that they are developing a console or handheld with great graphics and special movement controls.

answered Jun 07 '10 at 12:15

Feras's gravatar image


Seems this new development is the Nintendo 3DS.

(Aug 01 '10 at 11:40) Feras Feras's gravatar image

no, i have a ps3 i could get playstation move for 50 dollars when it comes out!

answered Jun 07 '10 at 12:17

13trkerr's gravatar image


Nah, id rather just get the 3DS when it comes out. Can't wait for E3 :D

answered Jun 07 '10 at 12:20

Sethzen's gravatar image


I would just buy a vga to HDMI adaptor and then I would not need to waste all that money on a brand new wii :)

answered Jun 07 '10 at 12:20

gerardhayden's gravatar image


it would still only be the highest resolution the wii can play, and if you did, some games would lag more than they already do

(Aug 01 '10 at 12:05) Tim Fontana Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

plus the wii has gone old fashion for gaming now the only good proper games for the wii would be wii fit and wii sports

answered Jun 07 '10 at 12:22

gerardhayden's gravatar image


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