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Well yes i am a noob with computers and i was wondering if This was a good temp on my video card..

Idle: 46-48 Just Cause 2: 54-58--- MAXED OUT!

Crysis: 55-60------- (MAX) ON ULTRA HIGH

I dont know IF this is good or to hot! Please Let Me know. And My Video Card is An RADEON HD 5550

asked Feb 20 '11 at 02:01

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edited Feb 20 '11 at 02:06

If you are talking celcius, yes, that's fine...

70-80c is where temps start to get dangerous for a CPU..

However for Video cards it is higher, like 80-90c, I believe right out of the box some video cards run rather hot, especially the NVIDIA Video Cards like the GTX 580 etc..

As a general rule of thumb...

<40c = Great

50-60c = Warm

60-70c = Very Warm (Danger Zone for Hard Drives)

70-80c = Hot (Danger Zone for CPUs)

80-90c = Very Hot (Your Video Card is Running Hot)

90c = The dangerzone for Video Cards..

Remember Freezing is bad for electronic components because they get hot, so if you took your computer outside and ran it in the winter it may fail because the parts are hot, and this will cause condensation (water), so keep a hot computer out of the cold!

answered Feb 20 '11 at 03:04

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