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Any ideas on how to restore vision? I'm almost 15 right now and I have a -2.00 vision in both eyes, which is bad for me espcially at the age I am. So does anybody know any way that I can restore my vision back to normal?


asked May 30 '10 at 09:48

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edited May 30 '10 at 09:50

In the eyes, there are muscles in the cornea part of the eye, and muscles have to be exercised to become better. It could be possible to get a little better (though I don't know how much) in eye vision by looking at something near (but not too near)(like reading a book) and then looking at something far away many times. This will try to make the muscles in the cornea try to contract and release more a little bit at a time (and this will take time to do).

There is also lasik eye surgery, although it cost money, it is the simplest way to do it. It will put lasers to cut out some of the cornea to make it move again.

answered May 30 '10 at 10:23

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yup, it's called Lasik eye surgery, 2 minute procedure, i wear specs as well, shit vision, i got +4 both eyes, was planning on getting Lasik myself but can't afford it yet, waiting to get settled in after college, been hearing a lot about it these few years, especially in the last year, the risk to loosing vision is virtually non existent, as anyone would hope so because its the year 2010 but since your 15, your eyes are still growing so it could get better or it could get worse so wait until your 18 or nearing your 20's before you restore your sight. I've had a lot of experiences with my eye sight problem and the it all starts when "shithead" doctors prescribe specs in the first place trying to upsell their junk, try not to increase your specs powers and focus more on not wearing them, try eye exercises as well and keep moving to another increased spec power as a last option. the higher the power you move up into, the harder it gets for your eyes to return to normal vision naturally.

answered May 30 '10 at 10:28

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I used to have a "lazy eye" back when I was a kid. Basically the muscles in my left eye weren't as strong as the ones in my right eye so I got double vision whenever I tried reading/gaming. Along with getting corrective glasses I had an exercise that I did every night that involved taking an object (usually an action figure) and slowly moving it towards my eyes and keeping it in focus. Over the course of about 4 years the problem was eventually corrected and now I can see fine without the help of glasses/contacts.

answered May 30 '10 at 14:12

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Try drinking carrot juice. You can buy this at Walmart.

answered May 30 '10 at 15:32

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Wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses, various surgeries, and vitamin or herbal supplements may improve vision. I had poor eyesight at an early age too, 9 y.o. I found improved vision with eyeglasses, and eventually contact lenses. In 2005, I had LASIK surgery with an "adjustment" in 2006. My eyesight was near perfect for about 1 1/2 years. Fast-forward to 2010, my unaided vision is slightly blurred and improved with eyeglasses for distance; and I wear reading glasses for close-up vision. For my experience, I would have stayed with contacts/glasses and skipped the cost and expectations of LASIK. As the eyes age, they will naturally lose their sharpness and clarity. Science is working to restore sight to the blind but for us with less than optimal vision, there is only remedies to improve vision.

answered Jun 15 '10 at 11:27

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