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I tried downloading and installing Ubuntu Linux with Wubi, but i kept getting errors. First i just downloaded and installed using Wubi and i tried again but this time i download the installation iso file and Wubi again in one file i kept getting the same error. Cannot find the installation.iso file? What went wrong?

asked Feb 25 '11 at 19:28

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edited Feb 25 '11 at 19:30

I had this problem with wubi I know this is a little late...

the solution I discovered was this once wubi was down loaded and installed when I got the error rather then stating over or deleteing it I rebooted window and the install continued and ubuntu booted I put in the password .. what I found was I had to load the ubuntu 2D because of some drivers that werent ported or optimum

any how the solution was to do a manual reboot when I did I got the grub boot choice of windows Ubuntu ...

answered Apr 05 '12 at 23:59

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I know the post is old, but I disagree with the above replies if the person is a "true newbie"! While what they said may be good for someone with PC experience, there have been too many "newbies" who tried creating separate partitions (for Ubuntu) and ended up getting burnt. I have seen many posts where after wiping out their MBR and other stuff on their HD they get totally turned off and stay with Windows. While a Wubi install, may not be the best performing, it is a fairly safe way (other than running off a live CD (or successfully installing on a bootable flash drive). The performance degradation, typically, is very minor. If it turns out that Ubuntu (Linux) is not the newbie's "cup of tea", they can easily uninstall it (like any other window application). From the many posts I have seen, very few newbies have the experience of the "experts" who try to help. Nothing more frustrating than having something go bad (usually because of lack of understanding of what a person is doing) and then have to find someone to help restore (or re-install) and recover all those files (that were never backed up).

So please, when someone asks a question such as the one above, please answer their question and don't send them down another path that could ultimately cause them a lot of grief and frustration (due to their misunderstanding). I have seen more replies from newbies (posts in other forums) that have tossed in the towel on Linux/Ubuntu because of suggestions to do something that is beyond their experience and ability.

Please, no flaming replies. Just start scowering all the forums and you will see many frustrating posts where the person becomes turned off on Linux and stays with Windows because of the partitioning and dual booting recommendation. Fine for the person who has a reasonable understanding of the process, but not for an true newbie who found out about a free OS and available software and wants to try it before deciding to stick with it.

answered Jun 27 '11 at 05:44

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Just set up your partitions with G-Parted, Wubi sucks.

answered Feb 26 '11 at 14:41

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Did you download the ISO from Ubuntu.com, burn it to a disc and then install within Windows? That's generally the best way to install Wubi.

I wouldn't recommend using Wubi as it just isn't the same as running Ubuntu in it's own partition. I suggest you download GParted, burn it to a disc and make a new partition for Ubuntu, it's very simple and there are a number of tutorials on YouTube on how to partition using GParted.

answered Feb 25 '11 at 20:16

Hugo's gravatar image


If i install this will how do you uninstall it?

(Feb 26 '11 at 00:17) carfreak9101 carfreak9101's gravatar image

Go to ubuntu.com and get help, asking about installing wubi or an OS in a Q&A section like this really isn't the place because of the depth of the answer it would require, which is far beyond the scope & purpose of these Q&A forums..

(Feb 26 '11 at 00:33) _GTech _GTech's gravatar image

You use GParted to delete the partition.

Or you can delete the partition in Windows, whichever is easier. Right click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management (It might take a while to load)> Right Click on a volume > Delete.

After doing one of the above you need to Restore your Master Boot Record. If you have Windows 7 you can learn how to do that here. You will need a Windows 7 Disc in order to do this.

If you're running a different Windows operating system, tell me which one and I can give you a link to a tutorial on how to do it with that OS.

(Feb 26 '11 at 00:35) Hugo Hugo's gravatar image
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