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So, this question has been on my mind for awhile now. 2 months ago my family started paying a 20mbps download package with comcast. Now I know you're not guaranteed those speeds but I actually usually get those speeds! The thing I don't understand is why do YouTube videos take FOREVER to buffer? I can watch an HD podcast on my Apple TV without any buffering but when I watch it on YouTube I literally have to let it buffer in the background before it can start playing. My friends are paying for slower internet connections and never get my speeds videos buffer faster for them. Everything else loads very fast for me like websites and song downloads. What's wrong? How can I fix this?

asked Mar 01 '11 at 19:21

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edited Mar 01 '11 at 20:23

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You have to look at the bigger picture to understand the heart of the problem.....

Imagine 3,000,000 trying to watch videos all at once....

Imagine ISPs throttling lines to those web pages....

Imagine other sites using the same line, like Hulu.com

Now you may start to see where some of the real issues lay at...

That's really only the tip of a very complex cell which known as the WWW, a DDoS could be going on, there could be hundreds of different reasons why things are bad or getting worse...

No one answer anyone can give you on these boards could even be remotely accurate unless the issue was on YOUR side, which at this point my recommendation would be to unplug your router for 10 minutes and reboot your computer, plug the router back in, and then see how your connection fairs..

It really is a crap shoot trying to find a problem on this scale...

answered Mar 04 '11 at 22:00

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edited Mar 04 '11 at 22:03

Change your DNS to

If I remember correctly, you're on OS X, so click on "System Preferences" then click on "Network". In the bottom right, click on "Advanced".

Click on the DNS tab, then click on the plus (+) in the bottom left. Then add: then then

I think Chris posted a video about DNS recently...

answered Mar 01 '11 at 20:28

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Do I need to restart my computer or anything? It seems to not have made any affect. And yes, I watched his video but forgot about it I guess.. yes, I have a short memory.

(Mar 01 '11 at 20:34) TomMaxwell TomMaxwell's gravatar image

You many not notice a difference with that change.

(Mar 01 '11 at 20:53) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

Restart shouldn't be necessary... It may also be on YouTube's end. Also, you may watch to clear your cache or try a different browser (Chrome or FireFox)

(Mar 01 '11 at 21:14) FizzNakLe FizzNakLe's gravatar image

Will the dns no. work for India?

(Mar 02 '11 at 12:00) Yogi Yogi's gravatar image

I was just checking back to see if you made any of the changes that the previous users had recommended and if you saw a difference. I know this is a huge problem that many have complained about...shoot just google it and you'll have pages and pages of the same complaint. You can try to make DNS changes and that works for some people but it didn't help me.

I have a fast connection (see attached image) and youtube is still slow for me. I usually don't have that big of buffering issues but depending on the time of day, even with my connection I still have that problem.

Anyway here is my speed test taken during a skype video call this evening. I did a server that was over 900 miles away too.

alt text

answered Mar 02 '11 at 21:46

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edited Mar 02 '11 at 21:47

Yeah I'm not sure why it happens, possibly something on YouTube's end?

(Mar 04 '11 at 21:44) TomMaxwell TomMaxwell's gravatar image

its either your isp or youtube throttling your download speed. its also possible that you are downloading a file from a far away youtube cdn server.

or it could just be that youtube's servers are swamped. it does seem to happen more during 'peak' times, aka 5pm est - 1am est.

answered Apr 10 '12 at 19:44

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edited Apr 10 '12 at 19:46

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