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I am currently rebuilding my site. Don't ask why, I'm just changing it :P

What I would like to know, is:

What do you recommend as the best image format and compression for web?

I need it to meet the following:

  • Have a low file size
  • It will be a LARGE IMAGE (1280x800 MINIMUM)
  • It mustn't lose too much quality with the compression.
  • It must maintain colour information (So no 256 colour GIFS here).

In case you are interested, the current images can be found here:

Background 1: Fire

Background 2: Grass

Background 3: Amethyst

Each image is currently a JPEG with 100% Quality Compression. They are about 400kb each, which doesn't sound much, but can sometimes load quite slowly (sometimes i get the "peel down" image loading effect with it).

I'll value any response you give me :)


Feel free to check my current site. It's not finished and to be honest I'm not satisfied with it, which is why I'm redesigning it, and there are things like "Advert Placements", as AdSense doesn't allow ads on an "Under Construction" site.

There is a useful tutorial there though :P

asked Mar 05 '11 at 07:42

SkinnyBill's gravatar image


id keep the images the same and host a external link on mediafire or a hosting site or you could make a animated gif with flash

answered Mar 05 '11 at 21:40

DJDhan's gravatar image


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Asked: Mar 05 '11 at 07:42

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