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I've noticed that every Engadget post is indexed on the 1st page of search results on Google within an hour after its posted. Does this have something to do with SEO? I'm still trying to figure out how to get my blog posts higher in search results. Sometimes they show up on the first page of results, most times they don't. Why does Google index them so quickly?

asked Mar 22 '11 at 21:46

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Also, can someone explain SEO to me? Here is my site: http://www.phoneuplink.com

(Mar 22 '11 at 21:48) TomMaxwell TomMaxwell's gravatar image

Ya that true SEO will made good effect on site search result because SEO provide a good visibility to your business to the search engine site so user can find their required site easily and quickly..

Best of Luck..

answered May 11 '11 at 23:02

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edited May 12 '11 at 01:09

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chris ♦♦

Even in the sites I have run, my blogs would get indexed most of the time within an hour as well. What this seems to have to do with is just posting content as regularly as possible, like Engadget surely does.

SEO has to do with how high you get on the rankings for a specific keyword. To do this not only will you need to post regualr content but it has to be labeled and keyworded corectly. fortunately, that's what the blogging software (wordpress, blogger, etc) does for you usually). Just make sure you give your site a good description and keywords with the <meta> tags.

answered May 11 '11 at 23:24

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Good SEO services will determine your sites' ranking for specific keywords. Lets say you run a gadget store and you want to appear on the first page for the keyword "gadget store", that's were seo and link-building services come in handy. Google changes it's algorithms all the time and that's what changes the way links are indexed.

answered Aug 02 '11 at 04:21

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Anna Smith

Your posts should appear on the front page of google for uniques titles within seconds. Esp if you are using Wordpress. Since the intro of the Caffeine algorithm about 18 months ago Google is trying to index in realtime.

answered Aug 02 '11 at 04:57

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I've got an article that addresses your questions, Tom. FYI: I tried pulling up your site to do a quick SEO analysis, but the site was down.

Here you go, and I'll gladly answer any questions.


President, Click the Toad


answered Aug 02 '11 at 09:49

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edited Aug 02 '11 at 09:49

Does SEO help search results? Search Engine Optimization is Search a process by which we can increase flowers in our all block or website. If anyone want to increase flowers he or she must use easily by SEO he or she to like his or her website or block with face book, twitter , yahoo, goggle ,dig, micro workers ,odesk, you tube, forum posting etc by SEO. So at last I can say that SEO is very important for link building and Thus Seo help search results.

answered Aug 05 '11 at 14:13

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SEO not only helps the Search Result but also have the better traffic to the Website.SO its always the best to have SEO for the website for Good ROI and ranking in the Website.

answered Aug 16 '11 at 00:34

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edited Aug 16 '11 at 02:32

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kevin ♦♦

Regular posting or Updating your website or blog is a good thing. Search engines give priority to content. If you'll update your blog regular basis and always try to give tags. It helps you to enhance your visibility in Major search engines.

answered Oct 11 '11 at 08:13

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