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Recently, while on YouTube, I found users moaning about the new YouTube homepage, and that they were moving onto a different site (I forgot the URL). I checked out this other site and it was a clone of how YouTube used to be (with the star ratings and the old video page).

Can you name any old style YouTube clones, and your thoughts on them?

asked Apr 03 '11 at 20:25

User_1002's gravatar image


the most recent rendition of the homepage is the best one, and it always will be. A company that has turned itself into a multi billion dollar industry from scratch knows what they are doing, and frankly doesn't care about the shortsighted comfort of the legions of moaners and complainers. Youtube is more popular than ever, every single day, and is because it can evolve in many ways, and that is why they are on top.

like I posted on a similar question, around the time the homepage did a 180 (and looks like it currently does):

It reminds me a lot of the Facebook Newsfeed now, and it's extremely good for seeing the new uploads and activities of the people you follow all in one convenient, aggregated feed. Not to mention it's more aesthetically pleasing, greyed out videos you've already watched instead of completely disappearing and being hard to find. Videos from each user are grouped horizontally together by order in which the user uploaded them, and those groups are sorted in vertical chronological order based on who uploaded most recently, the page can now list most recent video's indefinitely, keep scrolling down and it keeps loading, these are only some of the many, many improvements...

answered Apr 03 '11 at 22:03

Zlpha's gravatar image


edited Apr 03 '11 at 22:07

You didn't really answer his question...

(Apr 03 '11 at 22:50) chadt4 chadt4's gravatar image

I couldn't name any old style pages, I said what I thought of them, that's what he asked

(Apr 04 '11 at 00:44) Zlpha Zlpha's gravatar image

Yea hold on let me get the link http://www.youtube.com

answered Apr 04 '11 at 06:53

Moldjelly1's gravatar image



You only gave the regular link.

(Apr 04 '11 at 06:58) Yogi Yogi's gravatar image

That was the joke.......

(Apr 04 '11 at 07:10) Moldjelly1 Moldjelly1's gravatar image

Was this intended to be funny, cause I didn't laugh? :/

(Apr 04 '11 at 16:03) User_1002 User_1002's gravatar image

The only other site I know of that hosts videos is myvideo. They use the star rating system.

But unless your from Germany or can talk German this site most likely isn't the one you were looking for.

answered Apr 04 '11 at 04:45

Lestat611's gravatar image


http://www.youku.com/ I would learn Chinese if I were you though.

answered Apr 04 '11 at 18:24

Patxi's gravatar image


You could try http://vimeo.com/.

answered Apr 05 '11 at 01:59

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