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would it be possible for me to update my iphone 3gs running on the ipad baseband 06.15.00 without breaking my iphone? is there anyway that I can do that? . the reason i want to do this is this: I took my iphone to a local shop that does unlocking and phone repair they unlocked it & it worked fine , then had to take it back recently as I had lost all signal but one bar & the phone was telling me the sim was invalid , they said that somehow the phone had lost the unlock they had put it & they could try re-unlocking it , they have now had the phone for 3 days & now I just want it back unlocked or not . so now what I think I am better doing is going to my original network & getting the unlock code from them to unlock it. but I want the ipad baseband off my iphone I want to start fresh in other words. I saved my shsh blobs though cydia before I got the phone unlocked , so can I start fresh & get the ipad baseband off of my phone & update to ios 4.3.1 without bricking the iphone all together?

asked Apr 04 '11 at 07:02

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why didn't you post this on jailbreakqa.com?

answered Apr 04 '11 at 07:13

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Asked: Apr 04 '11 at 07:02

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