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I make websites for 6 years now and I want to start using Mac hosting problem is it costs a fortune and isn't all that possible for someone of my age at times. I found a few cheap ones but storage is nothing and bandwidth wont be good for my next project. I don't want anyone telling me to use linux or windows hosting I've used both they can be bumpy at times and I want to try Mac hosting out now don't tell me its worse or its better just answer the original question, I'm just making that point very clear. So what is the cheapest mac hosting with the most Value?

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asked Apr 09 '11 at 21:11

karld95's gravatar image


A quick google search brought up a lot of choices. Try this one. http://www.machighway.com/

Also, you may want to try being a lil bit nicer if you expect to get much help.

answered Apr 09 '11 at 21:35

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edited Apr 09 '11 at 21:36

I'm being as nice as I can its just saying it loud and clear surely you've seen how people can be when someone talks about mac im sure, you could be nicer to by sticking to the question mate rather than making comments. oh and thanks for the link to that website looks good i'll save it in a pages doc or something like that :)

(Apr 09 '11 at 21:39) karld95 karld95's gravatar image

That attitude right there is exactly what I'm talking about. Your rudeness is uncalled for. I answered your question, and offered some friendly advice since your new.

(Apr 09 '11 at 21:54) Sozo Sozo's gravatar image

Yeah man you need to chill out on the attitude, you're the one asking for help here, and people are nice enough to take the time to answer it for you, it's not hard just to be nice, especially to people you don't know on the internet.

(Apr 09 '11 at 22:13) Zlpha Zlpha's gravatar image
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