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I had recently aquired a iphone clone not too long ago since my really old PDA died on me. And I wanted to use one of these for personal used without using the cell phone feature yet since the Carriers up here may no longer be supporting the GSM for making calls. When I went to Ocean Faiths web site which makes this phone to see if they have it. Is the application to transfer like Itunes emais, phone numbers, games, music, and what ever usually comes with them. the one that I have bought was the 1332 emc 380a. Basically a clone Iphone. The interface looks the same as the regular Iphone. But there was no software to download for it or even to upload to the device itself.

I've already tried PC suit which is free through download.com to see if it would work. But still unable to connect my computer to the device itself to upload or download through the software. I can actually see the device from the computer perspective. Since it see the clone as a device that looks like a USB external hard drive one for the built in memory and if your using a Micro SD card with it. It also see that within the clone. I am at a loss if there is a actual application that will work properly with these clone in order to get into them to upload the any content without testing it the old fashion way by trying to upload the file and actually testing it to see if it works then deleting it if it doesn't work at all. Is there a generic applications for the clone version where you can actually connect the device and just transfer what you want onto it and vice versa??


asked Apr 23 '11 at 11:52

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So is there any file transfer programs out there for clone Iphones that can or cannot be found for these devices? I know the regular IPhones have them since they have been made by apple themselves I thought there would be something similar for the Iphone clones that would work very similar to the real iphones that wold be available.

answered Apr 26 '11 at 14:02

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