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First off Im in the army and deployed so resources are limited here. Ok so my ssg came to me this morning and said he cant load Windows Vista on his computer. I took a look at it and everytime you restart it says "SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk" it has apparently been doing this for at least a week but he didnt tell anyone and just hit F1 to continue and it brought him back to his regular windows screen. Now it will try to load windows then just restart the computer so I have no access to windows at all. I can however use the cmd prompt to try and fix it but Im not an expert with the commands so im not sure how to do much more than an ipconfig or a chkdsk...I tried a chkdsk /f /v /r but it always stops at "Stage 2 of 5" 56% of the way through. I'm stumped and the only option I can see is or me to DL Vista on my computer and put it on a disk for him so he can do a complete system restore. I would like to avoid this if at all possible because there are alot of files on the computer that would be counterproductive to lose...Please let me know if anyone knows how to correct this problem.

asked May 01 '11 at 06:14

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UPDATE: I have access to windows now but it still displays the same message on startup and it wants to do a disk check everytime you turn it on and it still stops at 56%...any clues on how to alleviate that problem?

answered May 01 '11 at 06:52

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Asked: May 01 '11 at 06:14

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