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It's time for me to get a cell phone. I lost 2 of my iPod touch's during school. One was stolen from an unguarded opened gym locker. The other was when my friend accidentally put my iPod touch in someone's else's green backpack that look almost identical as mine. He apologized, and I accepted it. So rather then getting another iPod touch, I was thinking of getting an android rather then an iPhone because the iPhone's data plan is too expensive for my parents. Every time I borrow one of my friends's cell phone to call home while I'm in an after school activity, they always have some type of an android phone. When I try to type on an Android phone, the keyboard isn't that responsive like on an iOS device. I try taping at least 3 or 5x to get a digit or letter. Is there a way to install iOS on an Android phone so I can still enjoy iOS's keyboard?

I like iOS better because it has more games then Android and the keyboard itself is more responsive.

asked May 07 '11 at 23:29

tubadiva95's gravatar image


I was thinking of getting either a Motorola Droid 2 Global or Motorola's Droid X.


Which one would you prefer for me to get? That's from Verizon.

(May 07 '11 at 23:30) tubadiva95 tubadiva95's gravatar image

Also since I will be calling most from my after school activity just to ask for picking me up, how many minutes do you think I should be using each month with Verizon's plan? I don't care if the plan doesn't come with texting because there's an app for that.

(May 07 '11 at 23:32) tubadiva95 tubadiva95's gravatar image

The keyboard isn't "more responsive". That has to do with the type of screen the phone has. Obviously, Apple puts better screens on their phones than most other companies do on their Android phones. My Samsung Focus has a really responsive keyboard but it's not because Windows Mobile is so great, it's because Samsung made a wise choice and used a good screen.

(Jun 03 '11 at 16:18) Josh_M Josh_M's gravatar image

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It is not possible to run IOS on Android phone, the OS is specifically made for that phone

answered May 07 '11 at 23:53

pcknowsbest's gravatar image


First off, the data package price for the Verizon smartphones is the same $30/month as the iPhone. Second, it is not possible to install iOS on a non-Apple device because there is no way to get the operating system also even if you could get the OS it would not support the different hardware of a Android phone. In regarding to the number of minutes to get if you will be calling another Verizon cusotmer most of the time then yolu don't need that many minutes as those calls are free otherwise just get the amount you think you need last time I was getting a new contract the person there said that if for some reason I go over they will bump up the number of minutes for you will out starting over your contract.

So really, get a iPhone and you decide on the number of minutes.

answered May 08 '11 at 00:00

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Didn't you know that you can actually have different keyboard layouts for Android devices?

I call BS on Androids having screens that aren't very responsive, all the Droids I've used so far have much more responsive screens. And I'm talking about the capacitive as well as the resistive touch screens. :/

answered May 07 '11 at 23:54

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Billy Aoki

Ok you may not like the standard Android OS. But I do recommend you getting a HTC evo and go with print the data plan is unlimited and its included with Amy plan at no extra charge. No other phone carrier offers that. My.bill is exactly $84.63 and that's unlimited data, text pic video messaging, unlimited calling to any mobile on any network at anytime, and 450 minutes that are only used when you call a LAN line. Meaning a home or business phone. The evo 3d is commin out soon that can capture hd videos in full 3d. The evo phones and.I think evo shift which has a slide out keyboard also has a camera in the front for video chat it taking.pictures and being able to see the screen. As for the sensitivity the evo matches and even beats the iPhone on sensitivity and you have options where you can change the sensitivity. And on android you can root your phone change to custom ROM such as the cyanogen 7.3 Rom. The Android 3.0 gingerbread will be released soon for evo phones. I currently beta test for.Google on the Android ks systems and I can promise u that Android gives you more freed with your phone. And if you go with print and you root your phone you can do wireless tethering to other computers and.it does interfere with your contract. sprint don't care. It's because the apps are. Out there as well as the sources so why waiste time in worrying if people root and tether. There is no other phone service that can offer what sprint has for the price. Honestly go with sprint and get the evo. And I will mention this my bill that has no discounts

answered Jun 03 '11 at 10:51

blaxarbush911's gravatar image


You can get a iphonelike keyboard on your android phone(although I dont recommend this), touchscreens are not a generality, responsiveness can depend per device(hate it when people say android screens blah blah, android is the OS not the phone) and some phones have MIUI which resembles a lot of IOS on android.

Short answer but has everything you need to know;)

answered Jun 09 '11 at 09:56

EmbraceAllTech's gravatar image



I found this. It looks a bitbslow tonrespond, but it seems to be running iOS on HTC

answered Aug 21 '11 at 14:17

carlosculture's gravatar image


Try to use a good android smartphone, you will fall in love with it. Most of keyboard of android phone also very good, and the plenty of free apps will let enjoy the android fun.

answered Aug 24 '11 at 05:25

youtoobuy's gravatar image


That is just weird! I was thinking the same thing the other day and come to find out, sadly... It's not possible. :-(

answered Aug 24 '11 at 05:47

worldtechguru's gravatar image


Why not just get an iPhone? The Android phones you listed are high-end, and would use the same data plan as an iPhone.

answered Aug 24 '11 at 10:27

Justin's gravatar image


Root or jailbreak rooting is same as jailbreaking Root it look rooting software up on google download it root the phone with the software Then when your running as super user download iOS restore ipsw erase the software on the android then put the iOS on it There we go ios is on your android Note:I'm not responsible for the voiding of the warranity The possibility that your phone might get bricked or sucked or unfunctianal There are many dangers of doing this and you could completely f*** your phone into a piece of crap

P.S this is only way to do that I recommend you get a professional hacker to do this Your basically making a custom firmware

answered Jan 07 '12 at 00:31

CraS's gravatar image


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