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Hi everyone, Either it's me or I have not had much luck with computer hardware as of late. So sometimes I power on my desktop PC and what happens is it reboots by itself. Essentially, it reboots sometimes before even getting to the motherboard's manufacturer splash screen, sometimes before getting to the windows logon screen, sometimes even when I am logged on and sometimes before getting to the "starting windows" screen during the boot-up sequence. I can tell you all that I have new hardware which I have had since October 2010. I have not changed the CMOS battery and I have not changed the power supply for a year or two. Please note that I tent to have my PC on for stretches between 4 and 8 hours at a time.

Specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 Rev 1.0
CPU: Intel Core i5 760
HDD: 1TB Sata HDD Graphics Card: Point of view Geforce GTX 460
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
PSU: 700W

Could someone please help me to get to the bottom of this?
My initial thought is that it might be the power supply, but I just thought I would double check.

asked May 21 '11 at 13:25

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I'll bet that its the power supply as well. You could try replacing it and if it doesn't fix then take it back.

answered May 21 '11 at 13:38

DubbaJonny's gravatar image


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Asked: May 21 '11 at 13:25

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