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I have a couple HP laptops that run in the 200F range if left to their own devices. We run a fan in the room directed at the laptops. Anyway, would it improve matters to replace the thermal compound on the CPU or GPU? One of the laptops is relatively new and the other is several years old.

Are there any other cooling devices or replaceable fans I could install in a laptop?

asked Jun 02 '11 at 01:31

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There are couple a ways to cool down your laptop.

With my laptop I usually clean the fan to make it better..all the dust and particles the fan collects can make it..nasty. Sometimes I even take my battery out. I do that when I don't have anything major to due unless I save my state from time to time. (just in case a power outage happen)

You can replace your old fan this I recommend with the old one. depending how old it is. I cant really recommend what type/brand of fans to use.

If your using your laptop on top of a desk. I believe you should get a cooling mat from one of your local computer/tech store. I tried a couple of cooling mats my friends gave me or what I have bought. I found out that cooling mats that are build in a angle tend to be the best ones. due to the fact it directs the heat away from you. especially from the battery since that tend to be the main source of the heat.

answered Jun 02 '11 at 03:33

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Considering the main cause of failure on most new laptops are overheated CPUs & GPUs due to the breaking down of the pad used to transfer heat from the processors to the heatsinks / heatpipes. I usually replace the pads with Artic Silver 5 and a lapped copper penny. This process has helped many laptops I have worked on and has even saved a few marginal systems.

answered Jun 02 '11 at 04:11

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