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I'm on the hunt for a product that doesn't seem to exist, and I figured if anyone had heard of it, they'd be on here.

On the deck in my backyard, I have some very nice speakers mounted around the area. I originally had this wired directly into my stereo's receiver, and then I would play music through that stereo to the speakers. I have simple speaker wires running to these speakers.

I have since gotten rid of the entire "stereo" setup and replaced it with both a Zune and my Windows Phone. (Feel free to give me crap about my Microsoft bias, but they're both amazing devices, IMHO).

Anyways, I'm looking for a simple dock that would allow me to play any MP3 device (iPod, Zune, phone, etc.), and transmit the audio directly to the speakers that I've already got wired up. Bonus points if the dock can be mounted inside a wall, and even more points if it has a remote for volume.

Have you ever heard of anything like this? My best searches are coming up empty in a sea of iPod-specific boomboxes and speaker docks, neither of which I want at all.

asked Jun 02 '11 at 09:10

jeffblankenburg's gravatar image


If you just want something to output audio into your speakers which only have RCA inputs, then the following is the only thing you need.


answered Jun 02 '11 at 09:32

Billy%20Aoki's gravatar image

Billy Aoki

No, I'm not looking for RCA...that would be too simple. :)

I'm talking true speaker wires to two different speakers. I'm starting to feel like this just doesn't exist.

(Jun 02 '11 at 09:38) jeffblankenburg jeffblankenburg's gravatar image

Finding actual third party docks for Zune and Windows phones will be quite a challenge, since most if not all Windows Phones aren't standardized for a single type of docking station.

Apple devices on the other hand....

(Jun 02 '11 at 09:45) Billy Aoki Billy%20Aoki's gravatar image

I'm not interested in a propietary jack for Zune or WP7...just 3.5mm headphone jack to speaker wires.

(Jun 02 '11 at 10:16) jeffblankenburg jeffblankenburg's gravatar image

Just buy a decent amplifier that allows for the proper outputs, and for RCA input, and boom, done.

answered Jun 02 '11 at 09:50

Tim%20Fontana's gravatar image

Tim Fontana

I'm trying to avoid a giant pile of hardware for something that should be so simple.

(Jun 02 '11 at 10:16) jeffblankenburg jeffblankenburg's gravatar image
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