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Hey guys, so I've had this issue for a little while...but did nothing about it. I have a caddy in my pc and I removed my hdd from it many times and it has worked fine...Now it's in there and I had to to a "check for consistency" before windows loaded...I could of skipped but I did not notice in time...it started doing it and I let it...but it was taking far to long and I had to get on so I reset my PC then it came up again and I skipped it.

Now it only shows about 640gb is used but when I select everything in it's 580gb...that extra space is all my music :((((((( and a few games don't want to lose it lol

So I have no idea where it could have gone...any ideas?

forgot to add that I ran the consistency test and still nothing.

asked Jun 03 '11 at 09:01

pisoj's gravatar image


You might try connecting it to a different computer and searching for the files that way.

answered Jun 03 '11 at 09:18

ewleonardspock's gravatar image


Or you could also try running Recuva to see if the files have been deleted.

(Jun 03 '11 at 09:22) ewleonardspock ewleonardspock's gravatar image

seems they are not deleted. as its showing the space where they were..will try another computer now

(Jun 03 '11 at 09:26) pisoj pisoj's gravatar image

Well yes. Recuva is a recovery program for missing/deleted files. It searches the hard drive and shows files you have deleted and them gives you the option to recover said files.

(Jun 03 '11 at 09:28) ewleonardspock ewleonardspock's gravatar image

Other PC could not see them as well...will try recovery.

(Jun 03 '11 at 10:08) pisoj pisoj's gravatar image

You should have let the first checkdisk finish. Interrupting the process can really screw some stuff up. Also, since it wanted to do a checkdisk, I would use a hard drive testing program to make sure the drive is ok. Seatools from Seagate works with most hard drives, just make sure you do the generic tests and do not select the fixing options.

answered Jun 03 '11 at 10:14

Josh_M's gravatar image


Check your partitions, you may have some "evil" hidden partitions.

answered Jun 03 '11 at 11:08

iTechnologyz's gravatar image


No partitions at all on the drive..I check if new ones were made.

(Jun 03 '11 at 11:09) pisoj pisoj's gravatar image
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