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I just cant believe it.

Chinese Teenager Sells Kidney For Iphone and Ipad

would you do that?

asked Jun 05 '11 at 00:13

roguekiller23231's gravatar image


personally i don't think any piece of tech is worth selling a body part for, life is too fragile as it is, and tech is always evolving, you'll want one thing now, and in a few months something better will come out. to sell a irreplaceable part of yourself for tech is lunacy, after a few months you will question why you actually did it as reality dawns on you.

(Jun 08 '11 at 00:17) roguekiller23231 roguekiller23231's gravatar image

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Let's see... A kidney is worth $3000 on the street or $85,000 on the proper market.


So until Apple produces an Ipad worth $85,000... I'm gonna say no.

answered Jun 05 '11 at 02:07

tsilb's gravatar image



Exactly what I was thinking. +1

(Jun 06 '11 at 20:34) kmark937 kmark937's gravatar image

Not for an iPad, never. Just too impractical for my needs.

Maybe a high end desktop.

answered Jun 05 '11 at 01:17

Billy%20Aoki's gravatar image

Billy Aoki


I would too, as long as it isnt a mac I should be fine :)

(Jun 05 '11 at 13:43) TurkeyTwizzler TurkeyTwizzler's gravatar image

As a Mac user I find that insulting. Trying to start a flame war? Cause I like both.

(Jun 06 '11 at 09:02) ryebread761 ryebread761's gravatar image

High end desktop can be a Mac too, in the form of a Mac Pro. Then again, I prefer Windows and I'm not gonna buy a 2k Mac Pro just to install Windows.

And if I were to ever get a tablet, I wouldn't get an iPad. Like I said, it's too impractical for my needs. For a tablet, I'd need it to have native USB ports and memory card slots. Also, a lot of other stuff that the iPad cannot do as of current.

(Jun 06 '11 at 10:48) Billy Aoki Billy%20Aoki's gravatar image

aha, im not trying to start a flame war. Im just stating that I woudlnt sell my organ for a mac, Im a windows user and always have been. :)no offence ryebeard761.

(Jun 06 '11 at 11:28) TurkeyTwizzler TurkeyTwizzler's gravatar image

I would not sell my anything for a 'high-end' desktop in the form of a mac. Why? I don't need 2 generation old graphics cards and Xeon Processors. I'll take my i7SNB and quad 6970s thank you.

(Jun 06 '11 at 12:20) Illusion Slayer Illusion%20Slayer's gravatar image

There's always the top of the line iMac with an i7 and 6970M graphics... Not a real CARD, but they're current-gen and pretty good.

(Jun 06 '11 at 15:04) HerpDerp HerpDerp's gravatar image
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Only in China...............

answered Jun 05 '11 at 02:37

Gary's gravatar image


How spoiled was the kid that he had to go out and do that?

answered Jun 05 '11 at 03:00

HerpDerp's gravatar image


I supposed I would sell an appendix. Or tonsils.

answered Jun 05 '11 at 00:33

Duodave's gravatar image


The Reverse question is much more interesting: would you sell your iPad for a liver? I guess you could make Some money that Way, but it seems rather troublesome and maybe you'd feel kinda for that Kid you bought it of....

answered Jun 05 '11 at 05:24

Tobias%20Sander's gravatar image

Tobias Sander

No, I'd never sell any organs on the black market. Too risky, especially for an iPad. Now if I desperately needed the money for something important and there was a way for me to do it legally, then I might consider doing it.

answered Jun 05 '11 at 14:12

chadt4's gravatar image


Never! Unless I signed to be a donor for MEDICAL purposes. Which I am most likely not going to do.

answered Jun 05 '11 at 14:57

archaeme's gravatar image


Nope, I have enough intelligence not to be a sucker for the iHype surrounding the ludicrously priced iPad.

Money spent on an iPad would be better spent on necessary and/or useful computer upgrades.

answered Jun 06 '11 at 02:55

BlazeEagle's gravatar image


Nope. I want all my organs.

answered Jun 06 '11 at 09:05

ryebread761's gravatar image


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