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The 30-pin USB connector I got with my iPhone 11 months ago is faulty. It appears there is a connection problem. Will Apple replace these as the device is still under warranty or will I have to fix it myself/buy a new one?

asked Jun 08 '11 at 22:16

Mattophobia's gravatar image

Mattophobia ♦♦

edited Jun 09 '11 at 01:24

It's probably not faulty if you've been using the device for 11 months. I hate to say it but it is more likely your fault.

You probably can't fix it unless you want to open it up and do some soldering.

A new one is what? $20?

answered Jun 08 '11 at 22:40

Illusion%20Slayer's gravatar image

Illusion Slayer

$20 is a lot for a wire.

You should just buy some cheap generic brand one from eBay because they're just wires, they'll break.

(Jun 08 '11 at 22:44) Dantonmeh Dantonmeh's gravatar image

Opening it up and doing some soldering was the plan..

They're £20 here. Which is a LOT for just a wire.

(Jun 08 '11 at 23:03) Mattophobia ♦♦ Mattophobia's gravatar image

It's not just for the wire though, is it? It's for the ability to charge, sync, and use your iPhone.

(Jun 08 '11 at 23:20) Illusion Slayer Illusion%20Slayer's gravatar image

Physically it is just a wire.. I'd rather get the least expensive option.

(Jun 09 '11 at 00:20) Mattophobia ♦♦ Mattophobia's gravatar image

You'd have to find a diagram as well or remember which wires go where on the 30 pin side.

It's probably not even the wire but either the 30-pin or the USB connection itself.

(Jun 09 '11 at 00:24) Illusion Slayer Illusion%20Slayer's gravatar image

No it's definitely the wire. it seems there's a faulty connection where the wire goes into the 30-pin end and it only works at a certain angle.

(Jun 09 '11 at 01:13) Mattophobia ♦♦ Mattophobia's gravatar image

they're $25 here in Australia

(Jun 09 '11 at 06:58) Dantonmeh Dantonmeh's gravatar image
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Just e-mail/call Apple and ask them. I think you can get the cheap ones from China for a few cents, or a new one for a few dollars. If it is broken, attempting to solder it wouldn't be a bad idea either.

answered Jun 08 '11 at 23:25

KylePolansky's gravatar image


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