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I personally spend about 14-15 hours a day at my computer staring at my computer all day and every few hours I take small breaks for my eyes because they get sore feeling is this causing any real long term damage?

asked Jun 06 '10 at 02:33

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snack pack88

edited Jun 06 '10 at 02:34

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ageekmom ♦

I am not aware of it causing any proven long-term damage, but in the short term, it's definitely going to contribute to eyestrain and headache. It's just plain healthy to get up and move around and stretch your muscles, and your eyes contain muscles, so it makes sense to look around occasionally at something other than your computer screen(s) so your eye muscles can focus on something in the distance for a moment or two.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:38

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ageekmom ♦

This was a myth that came out during the old days of CRT. Espesically the low res ones with a poor refresh rate. Modern LCDs ares less damaging to your eyes. However, if your eyes get tired after extended use, I would suggest taking a break.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:59

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Definitely. I have become near-sighted and I now wear glasses.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:36

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