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Have you ever overclocked your CPU, RAM, video card or anything?

asked Jun 06 '10 at 02:40

Blind%20Fury's gravatar image

Blind Fury

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The only thing I've overclocked was a Pocket PC PDA -- a Casio Cassiopeia E-125.

alt text

It was a dirt-simple procedure to do it, simply involving using a pencil to build up some pencil lead to make an extra electrical connection. Wild, but it worked. Its processor was a 150MHz Vr4122 processor, but the overclocking bumped it to 180MHz to 200MHz (blazing fast back in 2000!) I still miss that little beastie... it was wonderful. I sold it to a doctor on eBay, along with all my accessories (attachable folding, full size keyboard and all sorts of nice stuff.)

I only overclocked it near the end of the period of time I used it, as a means to see if I could eke out a little extra time with it before I needed to upgrade to something faster (a Compaq iPAQ, the last PDA I ever owned in fact.)

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:53

ageekmom's gravatar image

ageekmom ♦

edited Jun 06 '10 at 02:54

Ah the graphite trick. I used that on other cpus, I used to unlock caches on one cpu.

(Jun 29 '10 at 05:15) blackbird307 blackbird307's gravatar image

Yes I'm an overclocker, computers are my hobby and I do it for fun to see how much I can squeeze out of my CPU and gfx, my q6600 intel quad stock frequency is 2.4 I overclock it by increasing multiplier and FSB frequency and now it runs at 3.6ghz I had to increase voltage slightly to keep it stable, it is cooled by a koolance exos 2.5 water cooling unit. I bought the CPU back in 2007/8 and I'm getting speeds worthy of an entry level i7 so it's deffo worth it. If I didn't overclock I would have probably bought new hardware by now!!!!

answered Jun 17 '10 at 05:28

Headwards's gravatar image


edited Jun 17 '10 at 05:30

Yeah it's a very good way of making your hardware keep up with newer and more expensive hardware.

(Jun 29 '10 at 08:13) Blind Fury Blind%20Fury's gravatar image

I have no problem with other people overclocking their machines - however I would personally have never and will never overclock my own machine. There's a lot of effort involved normally with overclocking, watching things like voltage, stability and heat. To me, it is too much effort on my part to bother.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:52

Gravy's gravatar image


You should give it a go it's easyer than you think. A lot of fun and totally safe, avoid changing voltages - you should be able to easily get a 500mhz increase in speed just on your stock cooler no modding required.

(Jun 29 '10 at 07:57) Headwards Headwards's gravatar image

just try to find correct voltages online and fill them in on your motherbord BIOS but make sure not to break it

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:54

Livegeek's gravatar image


I didn't need help.....
I was just curious if anyone else has done it.

(Jun 17 '10 at 05:18) Blind Fury Blind%20Fury's gravatar image

I thought about it once and then thought there was no point, my system is fast enough the way it is and there was no real reason to fiddle with overclocking.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 02:57

Xiro's gravatar image


No. I am not a gamer so I don't see the need. I have a lot of legacy and newer equipment on my home network that does fine at standard speeds.

answered Jun 17 '10 at 06:33

Hawke's gravatar image


I have overclocked my CPU, RAM, and graphics card. CPU got to 2.50GHz (factory 2.20GHz) but I have done more research and plan to work on a higher clock when I get home. Going to get a cooler better then the stock one too. My graphics card is factory over clocked so when I try to overclock it using ATI's suite the GPU crashes.

answered Jun 29 '10 at 04:43

sulljason's gravatar image


My cpu is an Athlon II x4 propus. I have it at a frequency of 3.25ghz stock 2.6ghz 25% overclock. It is properly cooled of course. I try to keep my ram and my northbridge at stock speed for added stability. I had an nvidia 6600 that I overclocked to 550mhz with memory at 666mhz. The card lasted about another 3 years until I got a 5770 this year.

answered Jun 29 '10 at 04:55

blackbird307's gravatar image


edited Jun 29 '10 at 04:57

Currently I have my CPU overclocked, GPU also overclocked, Memory currently overclocked, PCI-e bus also overclocked (overclocking the pcie bus gave me around 20 points on average in 3dmark)

Other than the computer, I have my linksys wrt54gl overclocked

I have both of my pocket PC's (HP ipaq rx3lly and my Dell axim x51v), overclocked.

I see overclocking as free performance if done right, so I overclock everything that will allow for it.

I just don't feel right using a system thats not overclocked (when it is a system owned by me) because it could be doing so much more.

answered Jun 29 '10 at 09:04

Razor512's gravatar image


edited Jun 29 '10 at 09:05

I've never overclocked any of my hardware. I think I would give it a try in the near future.

answered Jun 29 '10 at 09:08

Mihkel's gravatar image


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