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Hello, what is the best way to connect 3 external monitors to a macbook pro or any laptop for that matter for a low ish price that also gives good ish graphics and readily available? This would be used for web site development, video and other graphic editing and audio editing for youtube and the website that i will soon be starting? Thanks

asked Jun 20 '11 at 00:42

chcnorris29's gravatar image


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe AMD EyeFinity works with those systems (Mini DisplayPort). That would be a great way to do it. I want to do it too but I have the Early 2008 model :(

Good Luck Friend, talonthegeek

answered Jun 20 '11 at 00:59

talonthegeek's gravatar image


well i have just looked at the AMD EyeFinity unit and watched some videos and that is what i need yes but although there are some videos of laptops connected to external units there does not seem to be any were to buy the external unit just lots of places to but the internal EyeFinity graphics cards for desktop computers... can you please link to or tell me were i may be able to find the external unit for a good price... also i have found a unit called the matrox tripplehead2go unit which does the task and cost about £250 so is the AMD unit cheaper than the matrox unit?


(Jun 20 '11 at 01:49) chcnorris29 chcnorris29's gravatar image
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