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What are your initial impressions of Google+? What do you think about the current layout? Would you use said service if you received an invite?

asked Jun 30 '11 at 00:02

YamazaruNinja's gravatar image


edited Jun 30 '11 at 00:03

It's pretty good. Havent fully tried Hangout yet but it worked at first test. and layout is pretty decent.

Admittedly a bit of a learning curve.

answered Jun 30 '11 at 00:08

KevinLyHD's gravatar image


Nice site. Little like facebook. Hope they will not be like them and change their EULA every day.

answered Jun 30 '11 at 00:11

kevin's gravatar image

kevin ♦♦

YT videos in hangout was choppy. So far the best experience was the Google+ app for Android and creating a huddle. I've notice that it did download a new version of Google Maps too, but the "Nearby" feature is not working for me yet.

answered Jun 30 '11 at 00:12

LOM%20Runner's gravatar image

LOM Runner

can someone invite me? thastitch (at) hotmail.com

thanks in advance. Big google fan here, really curious about their new project.

Btw, for people thinking google is evil and copying facebook and such. Google is using a lot of their projects to stimulate the internet. For instance chrome was launched to make the competitors work harder and create a better internet experience for everyone. They have their profits from the adds. (and those work on ie and ff as well)

answered Jun 30 '11 at 04:05

EmbraceAllTech's gravatar image


I am anxious to try Google+. I use Google Buzz, and wish it was used by more people. Perhaps this will be more successful. If anyone has an extra invitation, please send it to jhagedon@gmail.com

answered Jul 02 '11 at 07:09

jhagedon's gravatar image


After a few months, what are your thoughts on Google+?

answered Jan 11 '12 at 19:55

YamazaruNinja's gravatar image


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