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Recently I signed up with GoDaddy to host my Wordpress (WP) site. I purchased the economy plan for $53.88 a year. Ever since I began building my WP site, the dashboard and the site itself have been loading painfully slow (5+ minutes). I called GoDaddy about the issue and while I was on the phone they "ran tests" and told me everything was OK on their end. They pointed the finger at Wordpress' size and the timeout connections that were happening within my internet provider's network. This doesn't make sense, because other websites were opening very quickly.

Have you guys experienced the same thing? Any advice?

asked Jul 02 '11 at 23:08

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Depending on what you want to do, Wordpress may not be the best solution. I ran a film blog on Wordpress for a year and experienced nothing but pain - sure, if you get some great hosting, maybe some cloud instances from Rackspace or Amazon, your blog will probably run smooth and fast, but you'll eventually have the costs catching up, running a wordpress installation on a shared hosting package will always be slow. After a year, my patience ran out. I spent more time optimizing and Tidying up wordpress (my day job is that of a codemonkey) that I decided enough was enough and I moved to Tumblr.

Sure, you don't get as many configuration and customisable options with Tumblr, but for a publishing platform, it's the best. Dashboard takes about 10 seconds to load - you get a great community built in and there is a lot of customisation you can do.

Wordpress has moved way beyond what it started out to be and I think they are aiming to become more of a CMS solution than they started out to be. When I began working with Wordpress in 2008, it was small, fast and very good - now its slightly over-engineered for a simple publishing platform. I think that a lot of people use wordpress simply because a lot of people use wordpress rather than looking into what they actually need.

There is very little you can do about the site speed or dashboard loading times unless you fork out for either an individual box or some cloud servage, but look into other solutions.

answered Jul 03 '11 at 15:31

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