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Hello Guys i have a tech blog and i have been blogging for about 4 months now. I get 150 unique visitors a day. I have tried lots of promotion methods but the number simply not increases. I use Weebly Site builder to power my blog. Can anyone Suggest me how long does it take to get good traffic to a blog. I write at least one post per day. I am looking for a target of 500 unique visitors a day. Any Suggestions?

asked Jul 08 '11 at 00:06

rahul247rocks's gravatar image


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I think the key to building any kind of traffic is networking. There are so many ways to network but a few ideas are as simple as blog roll. Invite people to swap links (or small graphic banners), you'll link to them, if they link to you. Comment on other blogs, and make sure you reply to comments that you get on your own site. Place a link to your blog in your email footer (signature area). If you are on blogs or forums and you have an option to enter your user name...let it be your blog url. Example: My Blog.com You can space it out, it looks nice and it's puts your url in ever comment you make.

Share your stories. If you see a post on a website that you'd like to post on your site, in part or in whole, link back to that person. If they pay any attention to their traffic they'll see you shared traffic and might return the favor. Just make sure you always give credit to your sources!

User your social networks. Have your posts automatically update to twitter, facebook and the like and post often.

Give your readers choices. Allow them to subscribe via email or RSS feed. You don't have to make it a full RSS feed either. If your emails and RSS feed are half posts, it gives the opportunity for someone to click a link and end of right back on your blog if they see something they like.

That should get you started, it's just a few ideas off the top of my head. It's worked for me and my blog, I get well past your goal daily.

answered Jul 08 '11 at 04:08

Sozo's gravatar image


There is 1 way to get hundreds of thousands of unique views a day, reverse engineer a new form of DRM. It will get on digg and reddit rather quickly.

other than that, you need interesting and unique content.

Randomly posting your link on other peoples site will at most get your site either hacked or DOS'ed

PS popular blogs generally have primary sources of information, for example suppose a new device comes out and you happen to buy it, if you are a early adopter and you do a review that is in depth and demonstrates the functionality and flaws, you will get a ton of views.

For example when I was looking for microphones and the blue microphone yeti came out none of the professional sites had a indepth review, all they had was a article based on a press release from the company (essentially 1000 words of 100% BS)

a random blog user had a mini review but best of all the user had audio samples recorded in a bedroom with a desktop PC (giving a real world performance)

To me that blog was much better than any of the professional sites and many other people thought the same because who ever ran the blog provided unique primary information

PS above all, avoid blog pitfalls of writing articles based on a press release. Many users who have posted their blog links here have made this mistake, eg a company will make a press release of a product. a user here will then blog about it and speak positively about it based on the press release.

no one wants to see a post saying something like (making up a statement) "this is truly a great product because it contains ultra optimized itffddffdjhu with a new patent pending spoon that combines the features of a knife and a spoon which is sure to synergize your life" those types of blog posts are generally considered to be BS as it is just a glorified paraphrased advertisement.

answered Jul 08 '11 at 06:35

Razor512's gravatar image


edited Jul 08 '11 at 06:46

Agree, Don't spam others walls and websites... You wouldn't like if i posted my links on your Facebook page or Website/Blog.

(Jul 08 '11 at 09:00) Saakeman Saakeman's gravatar image

@razor512 I tried many methods over the past 3 months. You are right reviews work and lists work too. Top 5, top 10 and stuff. My problem is that despite writing quality posts for the last 3 months i see no improvements. Is it because i am using an unorthodox platform like Weebly instead of Wordpress. If any of you are an experienced blogger then can you please see my site Web Planet Freaks and maybe try to find out what's wrong.

answered Jul 08 '11 at 08:30

rahul247rocks's gravatar image


Give it time, I have been blogging and tweeting for more than a year and half now... And I only have 40+ Twitter followers.

(Jul 08 '11 at 09:01) Saakeman Saakeman's gravatar image

Your Website is un-organized, If you want some tips, you can go see my website http://goo.gl/bBb7D Also Weebly websites doesn't appear mostly on Google, Bing, Yahoo ect.

(Jul 08 '11 at 09:04) Saakeman Saakeman's gravatar image

the site seems good and the layout works ok, other than keeping interesting content coming, you need to get your blog more known, and that is the hardest part.

generally (though insanely hard) is to beat other people to certain content or release new striking information, eg who ever came out with the reverse engineering for the 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 key, likely got a ton of traffic to their site

Or being the first to provide an in depth review of something before anyone else does, making you the primary source for the info on the item.

or if you want a less effective (but still effective) way of getting more users, you can buy ad space on other sites or advertise on a radio show like free talk live or something.

getting the name out allows more people to have a glimpse at your content, and the best way is word of mouth, (eg getting dugg where your site or article basically becomes peer reviewed)

(Jul 08 '11 at 09:38) Razor512 Razor512's gravatar image

yeah i agree with you. Even when i submit links to Digg and Reddit they hardly get Dugg. I mainly use SEO and YouTube channel to gain my followers. One thing i found is that it is truly very difficult to to gain massive followers, especially loyal followers. Wonder how Chris and others became so popular.

(Jul 08 '11 at 09:54) rahul247rocks rahul247rocks's gravatar image

Chris is long before internet existed popular.. He was also on TV and writes for a magazine

(Jul 09 '11 at 17:31) Saakeman Saakeman's gravatar image
  1. You can try optimizing your SEO settings (Just Google it)

  2. It takes time, took me 2 years to get 44 subscribers on my Youtube etc...

answered Jul 08 '11 at 00:21

JB%20Tech%20Support's gravatar image

JB Tech Support

It really depends on how you advertise your website and on SEO. I'm not really one for clicking on ads and often find that you can generate more traffic by posting useful/helpful threads on Forums and people will generally click on links in your signature if you do (like Sozo said.)

answered Jul 08 '11 at 04:44

Hugo's gravatar image


thanks for sharing those tips. I applied some of them. Like i have 16 subscribers. And 12 likes in my FB page. Hope that ill get some more. Any ideas on a blogroll? can i make an entire page out of it?

answered Jul 08 '11 at 04:44

rahul247rocks's gravatar image


Do you guys know any good forum site for tech blogs( except geeks.pirillo) where i can post links. Most of them does not allow users to post links.

answered Jul 08 '11 at 04:46

rahul247rocks's gravatar image


http://www.techsupportforum.com/ ~~ tech support forum

(Jul 08 '11 at 08:57) Saakeman Saakeman's gravatar image

Well, any ideas on how long it takes before someone actually starts making money on the web.

answered Jul 09 '11 at 11:49

rahul247rocks's gravatar image


Throw up your twitter on twiends.com, use it to gain a few followers, make sure to enter your interests so you get like minded followers :)

Just a quick tip

answered Jul 09 '11 at 18:13

Gorer22's gravatar image


I used Twiends and i found two problems. Firstly It becomes incredibly difficult to follow a Follower:Following Rato. Generally your following will increase dramatically as you follow othrs. Secondly, most of the followers that follows you will unfollow in a few days.

(Jul 10 '11 at 00:59) rahul247rocks rahul247rocks's gravatar image

It won't take you a lot of time, have a look here

answered Jul 11 '11 at 08:35

steve1986's gravatar image


hey does this really work. Or is it just another scam

(Jul 11 '11 at 13:35) rahul247rocks rahul247rocks's gravatar image
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