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What is some great free VPN Software to hide ip address and location

asked Jul 08 '11 at 23:55

brandonj's gravatar image


Tor is one, but why are you asking?

There is also Hotspotshield

answered Jul 09 '11 at 00:00

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kevin ♦♦

edited Jul 09 '11 at 16:23


well i don't do anything illegal or anything i just want it to keep spyware and viruses out and or me giving them to anyone i want a secure connection pretty much

(Jul 09 '11 at 00:03) brandonj brandonj's gravatar image

Ok, then the program is at https://www.torproject.org/

(Jul 09 '11 at 00:09) kevin ♦♦ kevin's gravatar image

Tor is a Peer-to-Peer Network(P2P) not a Virtual Private Network(VPN).

(Jul 09 '11 at 05:08) zman zman's gravatar image

Though works for his situation

(Jul 09 '11 at 16:24) kevin ♦♦ kevin's gravatar image

vpn software (VPN client) is one thing, you need VPN hardware or hardware which support a VPN. or a windows server with VPN server capabilities with either static ip or dynDNS configured ideally. Or a service which provides this - (obviously wont be free as you will be using someones bandwidth) I'd suggest shopping around for a VPN service ($15 - $20 a month) then connect using your standard windows VPN connection.

answered Oct 26 '12 at 08:27

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