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Hello, recently I have been very interested with servers and networking... Anyways, I own a web host: http://hostingpad.co.cc and my goal is to make it the best free web host on a free domain. Anyways, what are some ways that I could earn some money by providing free web hosting? I have hooked up my adsense account on the site and the forums.... Any other ways I could make money? Do you think we could get a sponsor? Btw, this is free web hosting with CPanel. :)

asked Jul 11 '11 at 20:34

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Adsense and other advertising programs will make you small amounts of money but at the expense of losing and/or preventing popularity as all advertising generally upsets people. If you want your web host to be more popular than all others, than you'll have to have less advertising and more free storage with less restrictions. This would mean that you'd have to get rid of advertising altogether in order to compete. If you want to make money from advertising then I recommend that you take an approach of utilizing no advertising for at least 6 months to gather users and then put up a bulletin on your website asking for advertisers. This will make for better use of adverting space as you'll control the rate of pay and content.

If you provide a quality hosting product then you could stand to make the most money with extended services that cost money(Premium Services). You can give limited storage for free and charge extra for higher levels of storage. You can also sell your forum users special accounts that allow them to access resources and abilities that other users can't access.

I don't believe a company will sponsor you if your just starting out but sponsorship will be a good thing to seek after when you have a long-running site with a large user base, otherwise it might impede on your own control of the website.

Good luck!

answered Jul 11 '11 at 20:53

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