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People around me are always saying dual monitors are better than one single monitor. Is that true or is it just good for people that make such things as websites and photoshop graphic designs. What is the option and plus can installing the new graphics card affect your warranty if it's under 12 months old?

Q: Dual Monitor or single Monitor and will it corrupt the warranty?

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asked Jul 18 '11 at 17:00

Stehawker's gravatar image


You can always use a separate monitor instead of buying two of the same. Tweaking with any hardware will give reason to the company to corrupt the warranty. Some companies may be nice enough for it not to, but I doubt that since you are changing the elements that are contractually agreed within the warranty (in this case, it's the graphics card.) As for the monitors, it's always good to have another one for cases of needing multiple windows or applications visible at the same time, and a dual monitor setup isn't that hard these days. If you have an extra monitor, consider using that one before buying a new 2nd monitor for one setup.

answered Jul 18 '11 at 17:13

windowstechtalker's gravatar image


first off I love reading incorrect information. corrupt your warranty? no such. VOID or INVALIDATE is the correct term. Warranty support means you don't take the computer apart or modify it. Connecting cables to the DSUB, HDMI, USB etc are exactly what they are intended for. If a computer manufacture sold you a computer and told you that you could never connect anything to any of the ports what would you do? Honestly I wouldn't get that computer. There are desktop and laptop companies that allow you to upgrade your computer, but again modify the hardware and you VOID the warranty. and so on..

answered Jul 19 '11 at 00:45

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I think he's referring to installing a new video card, which might void the warranty. It really depends on the conditions of the warranty because some allow for upgrades...though not all.

(Jul 19 '11 at 11:03) WinZatPhail WinZatPhail's gravatar image

Two monitors are better than one. [This is being typed on dual-screen computer.] Now if you are only running one window at time, then I would not suggest a second monitor. But, they are helpful when you need to compare to windows at the same time.

As for the warranty: It might void the warranty, you should take a look at the warranty terms for full details.

answered Jul 18 '11 at 17:29

Mab879's gravatar image


Installing a PCI video card would almost always void the warranty, but if you only want to use the second monitor for things other than gaming and video, look into DisplayLink USB video adapters. If the included video card has two video outputs, plugging a second monitor in wouldn't void your warranty (unless you have a weird stupid warranty that says in the fine print that you can't use included ports on the computer).

answered Jul 18 '11 at 18:10

PCLinux7's gravatar image


edited Jul 19 '11 at 07:10

If you're not opening up the case and replacing your graphics card with another card AND provided your current graphics card can support dual displays then no, it will not void your warranty.

answered Jul 18 '11 at 18:15

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I really like the feeling of a dual (or more) monitor setup. It gives you a lot more room to work, and gives you 2x the amount of pixels. There are some slight cons, but in almost all cases I find 2-3 monitors to be a lot more efficient than just one. The only reasons I would keep a single monitor is if most of your computer usage is just browsing websites 1 at a time, or watching movies. Times where you want one monitor to focus on one thing, and nothing else. For example though, typing a paper is very convenient with 2 monitors, because you can research on one, and type on the other without having to worry about where the windows are positioned.

Just simply adding a 2nd monitor to your computer will not void your warranty. Most modern computers contain graphics cards that support 2+ monitors. If for some reason the computer only has a single monitor graphics card, then you must open the case, and install a new graphics card, which could void your warranty. It varies based on the computer, but sometimes just opening the case will do it. However, just plugging a different device in is fine.

Also, if I could offer some advice, when buying a 2nd monitor, get the same model as the one you currently have. This will ensure maximum compatibility with your computer as they will be the same resolution. Also, they will line up perfectly on your desk. It is annoying having 2 monitors that don't line up by just a little bit. Also, align the 2 so the crack is in the middle. This will help you to use both of them instead of just the one facing straight on. Don't be afraid to open up your windows and drag them on the 2nd monitor. It will take a little getting used to, but it will surely increase your productivity.

answered Jul 19 '11 at 00:20

KylePolansky's gravatar image


After I got my dual-screen setup on my main rig, I started having issues working with one screen. It's one of those things. I love being able to have a main screen for work and having an extra for VMs, preview windows, widgets, or a movie.

answered Jul 19 '11 at 11:05

WinZatPhail's gravatar image


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