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Hey Lockergnome.net community, So I recently decided to redesign my live page on my website. I actually decided to build most of the elements in the background element. Let me be a little more specific. So this live page just has 2 "live elements" a flash video, and irc chat (geekshed embed) All the other components ( and cut outs for the embed and chat ) are all done in the actual image. I have 2 issues now.

  1. Getting the background set. Right resolution, not repeating.
  2. Getting the live video embed and chat to line up with the pre made cut outs in the image

To throw a money rench into the mix, the image is HTML mapped for links, so it isn't a solid image, more like a cluster of code.

Any suggestions would be great. If you're interested in looking a the code, let me know.


asked Jul 19 '11 at 01:00

jwire4's gravatar image


If you could provide a link to this page would be great. From what it sounds like, the background, you want no repeat, and resized. For this I recommend looking at this page: http://css-tricks.com/3458-perfect-full-page-background-image/

However for the two cut-outs, It depends on the design, if the page is fixed width, you will need to be using some Divider tags, if the page is dynamic width, then that is a different story.

answered Jul 19 '11 at 02:41

Mark%20Ivanowich's gravatar image

Mark Ivanowich

Thanks for the response. Here is a link to the image being outputted by the CSS code. Obviously it is like that because it is mapped with links for different images. Take a look at the source code and let me know what you suggest I do. Thanks. http://robistech.com/live.html

(Jul 19 '11 at 13:28) jwire4 jwire4's gravatar image
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