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I just unboxed my new MacBook Pro 1 hour ago, and I want all my music and videos on this machine. Is there any software that can help me with that?

Thanks in advance.

asked Jul 22 '11 at 23:31

Oscar%20Cisneros's gravatar image

Oscar Cisneros

You should change this entry because an hour has long passed since you opened your Macbook Pro. Just saying

(Nov 02 '12 at 10:46) Studio66Designs Studio66Designs's gravatar image

use the migration assistant to move your data over

answered Jul 23 '11 at 01:00

jrneulight's gravatar image



This isn't from mac to mac, it's iPad to mac. Migration Assistant doesn't help with that.

(Jul 24 '11 at 22:15) hansring hansring's gravatar image

Try this http://www.fadingred.com/senuti/

Need to recover music, playlists, or videos from your iPod or iPhone? Look no further! With Senuti, you can recreate your iTunes music library in just one click. Want to be more specific? Preview and select only the songs and playlists you want to transfer. One Step Recovery

Take a shortcut and recover all your music, playlists, 
and videos to iTunes in one step.

Song Preview

Preview any song before you transfer — just push play.
iTunes Comparison

Senuti automatically compares all the songs on your iPod or iPhone to your computer's iTunes library. Any song that is already on your computer will be marked with a blue dot.
Playlist Transfer

With a simple drag and drop motion, transfer specific playlists directly from your iPod to iTunes on your computer.
Video Transfer

On the iPod and iPhone, videos work just like songs — so they will show up and transfer in Senuti with your music.

answered Nov 02 '12 at 08:55

Studio66Designs's gravatar image


edited Nov 02 '12 at 08:55

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