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What do you like better and why? We are talking about apps. NOT music. What is more popular? Why do you like on more than the other? What do you think would win when it came down to it? I prefer google. Can't wait to see your thoughts. Have a nice day.

asked Aug 07 '11 at 00:22

Caelan's gravatar image


edited Aug 07 '11 at 01:05

The two aren't really related. iTunes provides apps for your iDevice and Chrome Webstore provides add-ons to chrome. Can't really be compared.

answered Aug 07 '11 at 00:26

ryebread761's gravatar image


I am talking about the creative apps put into them , the everday helping apps, and the rest. Not what device it is for...

(Aug 07 '11 at 00:28) Caelan Caelan's gravatar image

Still can't really be compared.

(Aug 07 '11 at 00:29) ryebread761 ryebread761's gravatar image

Hmm. I suppose your right.

(Aug 07 '11 at 01:04) Caelan Caelan's gravatar image

Well, I don't know about other people, but I never use Chrome web store. On the other hand, I use the App store regularly. I think that it's a better comparison between Chrome webstore and the Mac App store, since they both run on a full size computer. I use the Mac app store regularly as well. This is just me here, but personally I never much cared for intricate browser add-ons, much less games and so-on. A browser is for browsing the internet, it's not a computer in itself. I bet chromebook users use the web store a lot though.

answered Aug 07 '11 at 01:04

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