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Hey Lockergnome community,

Not to long ago I've started my blog over at http://nitrocrime.com/. I will mostly be blogging about games and game development. Right now I've got 7 blog posts of which 6 are about Binary math and my latest post is on Whatpulse

I've got a descend amount of views but I never really had any quality feedback (most of the comments were automated spam messages). Would you be so kind to help me get better at blogging.

asked Aug 09 '11 at 09:54

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edited Aug 09 '11 at 09:54

Hi Nitrocrime, I loved the simplicity of your blog, but found it hard to comment on the awsome post. Try using comment systems like Livefyre or disqus

Don’t be just another WordPress blog | Think of a catchy tagline, include it in your blog and let it brand your blog.

Focus on a niche topic | It is much easier to attract visitors if you have a very focused blog topic. You brand yourself as an expert within that field and your readers know what to expect from you.

Be SEO friendly | Search engines can send you a lot of traffic, allow them to do that by changing your blog permalinks to include your post keywords in your URL.

Write catchy how-to and top-list headline | Write “how to” and “top list” type of headlines. They work the best for getting the attention from readers and are very share

Include links to internal pages in your blog article | Always make sure to link to at least one older article of yours in the new post your are writing. Blog internal linking makes your blog more sticky, it increases page views and introduces your visitors to some older articles.

Activate Akismet | Akismet saves you a lot of time and protects your blog from spam comments. Activate it, relax and let is do the dirty work.

Be focused | To succeed in blogging you must have a goal, and you must stay focused on reaching it. Work constantly towards it for a longer period of time without losing the focus.

Make your blog harder to break into | Do not use the generic admin username. Create your own unique username and delete the admin one to keep your blog more secure.

Be consistent in your branding | Use the same avatar, same nickname, same logo wherever you are spending your time online. Make it all consistent with your blog to get the best branding effect.

Brand your blog with a header image | Create a unique blog header image to brand your blog better. It is the most prominent position on your blog and the first thing visitors see.

Move your RSS feed to Feedburner | Feedburner gives you more options with your feed, you can see subscriber stats and offer your feed as an email newsletter as well.

Let your visitors subscribe via email | RSS may be great, but many people still do not know how to use it. For many e-mail is the preferred way to subscribe to content, so make sure not to neglect them.

Build a sitemap for your blog | Build the XML sitemap for your blog to allow the search engines to easily find and index your blog archives.

Make your content scannable | Majority of Internet users do not read word by word, they scan the text. Make your articles scannable by using sub-headings, short paragraphs, bulleted lists and so on.

Backup (just in case) | In case someone hacks into your blog, you may lose all your articles and comments that you have built. Make sure to avoid that and do a regular backup of your blog.

Remove broken links | Search engines do not like broken links, your visitors do not like them either, make sure to remove all the broken links from your blog.

Need inspiration for the next post? Just read | Read as much as you can, take notes and get inspiration and ideas for your future blog articles.

answered Aug 09 '11 at 10:49

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Thanks for the info. I've already applied some of it on my blog and I am working on applying even more.

(Aug 09 '11 at 11:11) nitrocrime nitrocrime's gravatar image

I really like your blog! The first post discussing the piece of software 'Whatpulse' was really good. I read it, and I downloaded it straight after that. So far I love it, thanks!

answered Aug 09 '11 at 10:27

hayden's gravatar image


Thanks! :)

(Aug 09 '11 at 10:30) nitrocrime nitrocrime's gravatar image

Quite simple. Add More pages and only put a snippet of the post on your homepage. I think the theme is simple enough and maybe get a simple logo designed...

answered Aug 09 '11 at 11:17

TheGeekPanel's gravatar image


"only put a snippet of the post on your homepage" How do I do that with Wordpress? I can't seem to find it.

(Aug 09 '11 at 11:26) nitrocrime nitrocrime's gravatar image

Nitrocrime, I love the simplicity, but you should put a contact page on it in case people like me want to contact you.

answered Dec 04 '11 at 14:15

TheGeekPanel's gravatar image


I should...

(Dec 07 '11 at 04:45) nitrocrime nitrocrime's gravatar image

probably one of the biggest things, avoid using your blog as an advertising platform.

If you are advertising products that you make then dedicate the blog only to the products and link to it from your app store description as those are the only people who will ever click on it, and in most cases people click on the developer links in order to find a more direct method of contacting someone when there is an issue.

answered Dec 07 '11 at 15:48

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