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I was wondering, there is a box outside on the back of my house. It's used for cable and telephone. I was wondering if it is legal to open the box up, so if you wanted to add a second line somewhere in the house? Or even just to look at what all the wires are plugged into, and to see what's inside. Thanks.

asked Aug 13 '11 at 05:10

Collin's gravatar image


Usually, there is a customer door and a cable company door on that box. It is perfectly legal for you to access the customer door to add another line, assuming the property owner (you or your landlord) approves it.

answered Aug 13 '11 at 05:17

WinfieldTodd's gravatar image


it should be legal. When my fios service was installed, I opened everything up after the box froze a few times. It turns out the person who installed it didn't do a proper job to make sure everything was weather tight.

Since all of the wires were in place, I reinstalled the equipment making sure everything was water tight and using silicone caulking around the gaps around the wires that entered the box.

There is 1 section for customer access and another section for technician access but they have no way of knowing which section you opened and it is often good to double check the companies work. better to prevent a problem from happening instead of having something break and waiting 50 years for the company to send someone out to fix it (or worst, fix it incorrectly and it breaking again after a short while)

answered Aug 13 '11 at 05:34

Razor512's gravatar image


i opened the box on the wall outside my flat many times, mainly to make sure that it wasn't full of water or had been tampered with. they have no way of knowing it's been opened as it's only held closed with a single screw.

answered Aug 14 '11 at 08:51

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