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I am almost done with the editing on my first youtube video. a thought occured to me, Can I play to the partner program shortly after I finish this video, or should I wait? how long should I wait to become a youtube partner?

asked Aug 18 '11 at 02:40

Ztag100's gravatar image


If I apply but get rejected.. would I be able to apply again later... or is that it?

(Aug 18 '11 at 02:56) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

Any other opinions?

(Aug 18 '11 at 03:47) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

I wise man once told me that you need at least 3,000 subscribers and the videos that you make get an average of a couple thousand hits per video when you release it.

answered Aug 18 '11 at 02:54

Craighton's gravatar image

Craighton ♦♦

3,000!!! that's alot... seems like I'd have to wait a while...

(Aug 18 '11 at 02:56) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

As I believe, you only need at lease 500 subscribers but I could be wrong. You can check they youtube partners page.

(Dec 07 '11 at 15:55) Claassen Claassen's gravatar image

It really depends. My friend was only accepted after his videos were getting a consistent couple thousand views and he had 3,000 subscribers.

(Dec 07 '11 at 19:48) hansring hansring's gravatar image

Your first video? I am just assuming you also have no subscribers nor views? You will have to wait quite a while. I was lucky enough to get a partnership at only 273 subs, 47 000 or so video views, and around 10 000 channel views. Just make good content, get views, apply.

answered Aug 18 '11 at 02:48

hayden's gravatar image


well, surprisingly... I have 4 subs :) some people from lockergnome help me out and subbed... thanks, I'll keep that in mind...

(Aug 18 '11 at 02:50) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

also, how many videos did you have up?

(Aug 18 '11 at 02:51) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

4 subscribers wont get you a YT partnership. Nor will 500 views as they check to see if those are unique views or you and your friends just refreshing.

you can have 1 video with 10,000 views and not get offered or 100 videos with 30,000 views and not get YT partnered. It depends on your channel content, the type of visitors etc. If you apply and do not get accepted you have to wait 2 more month before you apply again.

answered Aug 18 '11 at 04:58

jeff's gravatar image


I've been a partner for almost a year now, and I got accepted when I had 750 subscribers and about 700,000 video views on 300 videos. Now I have over 1100 subscribers, 1 million video views and almost 400 videos.

answered Dec 07 '11 at 19:02

chadt4's gravatar image


whats your channel?

(Dec 07 '11 at 20:33) Tux Penguin Tux%20Penguin's gravatar image

same as my lockergnome username

(Dec 08 '11 at 01:25) chadt4 chadt4's gravatar image

I personally think that YouTube is a little more generous on applying for the partner program. I'd say you have to have at least 500 subscribers, and a couple thousand views per video. If I were YouTube, I'd be more likely to pick someone with a lot of views than a lot of subscribers, because the views are where the ad revenue is.

answered Aug 18 '11 at 06:23

catchatyou's gravatar image


thanks. it seems like im gna have to wait a while :p

(Aug 18 '11 at 06:57) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

When the partnership program originally came out I immidientally jumped at it with only a few videos and a couple of subs. And they told me that they the video content is good however my view count is low. So its not totally about view count our content has to be good too. Hope this helps :)

answered Aug 18 '11 at 07:04

jubjubj's gravatar image


I got into the program with 100 subscribers and 100,000 video views on 100 videos. That was like eight months ago and I now have 300,000 views, 345 videos, and 326 subscribers.

answered Aug 18 '11 at 08:01

Liam%20Quade's gravatar image

Liam Quade

ok, so now all i need is a few 100 hundred friends :)

(Aug 18 '11 at 09:35) Ztag100 Ztag100's gravatar image

I have about 3000 suscribers 17,744 channel views and are Total Upload Views:67,039 I have 12 videos, and I got refused youtube partnership. Can anyone tell me why ?? Thanks so much!

answered Dec 07 '11 at 12:39

Freedomwalker77's gravatar image


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