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PLEASE HELP! Hi, iam currently about to purchase an iPad 1 64gb Wifi second hand from ebay. I do not have a developer account and have seen on google how to download and install ios5 beta 1, 2, 3, 4 but not 5 so i was wondering if there was a website (besides pirate bay and other torrent websites) that have a direct link for me to download ios5 beta 5 for my ipad 1 64gb wifi. I was also wondering if all the features of ios5 beta 5 work when you install it on to an 'iDevice' without a developer account and when ios5 does become avaliable to the public CAN I UPDATE THE BETA VERSION OF IOS5 DIRECTLY ON THE "iDevice" TO THE FINAL RELEASE WITHOUT A DEVELOPER ACCOUNT AND WITHOUT LOSING MY APPS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, MOVIES, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE JALBREAK. so to sum up i just want to know where i can download io5 beta 5 and install onto my ipad 1 64gb wifi without a developer account, if i can update the ios5 beta 5 to the public version directly on my device (without a pc) again without a developer account and i doing this will i remove al of my data . and my final question is is this all possible to be done whilst jailbroken and by updating and upgrading will this remove the jalbreak. i really appriciate all who read/ gave answers to this article as i am personally struggling to find an answer to this query anywhere on the internet and a answer to all questions in this query will be must appreiciated. If all does not go to plan and only say 1/3 things mentioned here ar possible then i will just have to buy the ipad and just wait for the public release but anyways never mind thank you.

asked Aug 19 '11 at 01:44

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http://download.imodzone.net/ is the #1 place to get the latest beta Apple software. If you jailbreak on iOS 5 beta over the air updates are disabled. Your best bet is to wait for the full version of iOS 5 to come out very soon. Also, if you are not registered under a developer account you can't use the firmware (but there are ways around that).

Also, if you are gonig to jailbreak you will need to learn how to backup your data :D Use iTunes! Lol.

Edit: Question is way too loooooooong.

answered Aug 19 '11 at 02:06

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edited Aug 19 '11 at 02:07

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