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Hey lockergnome,

I need your help/opinion on something.

In December of last year I bought my first mac, an 21.5'' iMac, 3.06Ghz i3 Basic model. I love this thing and I can't go a day without it. But I miss having a laptop (I also now an HP pavilion, but its old and crappy) so I bought an Macbook Pro 13'' just so I have a portable laptop to take with me. (I miss some feature on my iPad) Now a few weeks back the problems started. My iMac kept giving me Kernel panic's a few days after I installed Lion. So I reinstalled Lion and and did a hard disk repair. But the panic's kept appearing. I went to the city, parked the car, and dragged the heavy box to the Apple Premium Reseller (Amac google it) I got if from and they send it away to repair it.

(btw: in The Netherlands we don't have Apple stores, so service for apple is, well, to be described as, like dell's , had to wait 2 weeks to get my iMac back. No genius bar, No help in store, No replacement pc.)

I planned this so I would get my iMac back just before school starts again. I worked 2 weeks on a 13'' laptop and an iPad, and I can't use that as my primary machine. (I use my computer a lot for school)

I got a message they replaced my Airport card and tested the computer. Everything should be working fine. So I got back to the city and dragged my box 2km back to the car. This was 2 days ago. Now about an hour ago, I'm playing some good old Minecraft and then: a grey screen comes down from the top of the screen: '' You have to restart you computer''. I almost slammed my head through the screen.

I restarted the computer and here I am now.

I am going to send an email to the guy who repaired the iMac, and to the store, to see if they can tell me, just from seeing the error report, what the problem is, and if they can, permanently fix it this time. But I think is coming down to: You have to send you iMac again. Now Here is my problem. I don't want to drag that HUGE box to the city 4x (the people there must think I'm an IDIOT). And I don't want to wait 2 weeks to get it repaired, when the school starts again on monday. Also I did not expect from apple, that my pc would break, 2 times.

Questions: Can I demand a replacement pc ? Can I demand a brand new one? Or maybe, just post your opinion on this.

Ty in advance


Ps. if anyone wants to take a look at the error message, leave a comment, Im not sure If I should post that in here. Its a long text, you can only press enter 2x so it gets all messed up, And I don't know if there is sensitive information in there.

asked Aug 26 '11 at 09:11

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edited Aug 26 '11 at 09:18

Just happened again, 2x in a row...

(Aug 26 '11 at 13:51) N2505 N2505's gravatar image

It definitely wouldn't hurt to ask them for a replacement.I definitely think you should. And be persistent. Tell them that you need a computer for school soon, and your situation and how you can't lug your Mac there. Maybe you can trade it in (and drive it there one last time) and get a new one.

The worst that could happen is your tech support guy says no.

answered Aug 26 '11 at 11:09

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