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hey guys, i'm wondering here if you have any tutorial on how to enable my PC to handle 2 ISPs at the same time?

i'm on a windows7 x64 SP1 hp compaq 511 (it's laptop yeah.)

so in our locality we can opt to have a USB dongle as broadband DSL etc.

I currently use a USB dongle and would like to avail another Dongle from another ISP.

theoretically that would double up my browsing speed and Download speed right? but how do i set that up? plus I use proxy as a security and can't live without it. so, any help??

asked Aug 27 '11 at 03:05

xedric14's gravatar image


I mean we can opt to a service with either a broadband in a usb dongle or we can opt to have a dsl connection but i don't like the latter so usb is the only option.

(Aug 27 '11 at 03:08) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

if you have a router where you are willing to mod the firmware then this may help http://tomatousb.org/forum/t-257088/dual-wan

allows for you to have 2 wan interfaces on your router for use with 2 ISP's and it does load balancing

answered Aug 27 '11 at 12:06

Razor512's gravatar image


edited Aug 27 '11 at 12:08

What you're talking about doing is would be really difficult and somewhat impossible.

You would have to synchronise the data flow between the 2 connection so that the information can be split.

e.g. if you were sending a Word document through 2 connections at once, the data would need to arrive t it's destination at exactly the right tome or the file would be out of order and the file integrity would be lost.

answered Aug 27 '11 at 03:14

FizzNakLe's gravatar image


No i'm not asking for that. why would I have to do that?

but in cases like I'm Uploading two files, and I would like to use 1 ISP for each., that's a lot of speed compared if only 1 ISP will be responsible for the transfer right?

and say I'm browsing, and would like Firefox to Run on ISP-A then Chrom on ISP-B, that's hell of a speed compared to one. especially when no other ISP can give you enough speed as an option. so anyway is that possible?

(Aug 27 '11 at 03:31) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

You can pull that off with virtualization. For example, use OS X connected to ISP A then run Windows 7 via Parallels and use that to connect to ISP B.

(Aug 27 '11 at 03:40) FizzNakLe FizzNakLe's gravatar image

basically in a virtualization you'd trick your ISP into thinking it has two physical IPs

(Aug 27 '11 at 03:47) sillymansam sillymansam's gravatar image

Can you boot OSX and W7 both AT THE SAME TIME???? and in a laptop??

(Aug 27 '11 at 05:37) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

Yes you can, VMware player, VMware fusion(for mac), Virtualbox (Oracle D: ) are free solutions. Parallels actually cost money but have more understandable features and runs really well on OS X.

(Aug 27 '11 at 09:37) sillymansam sillymansam's gravatar image

Just don't do it. Waste of money -- it 999999.99 out of 100000 won't work.

answered Aug 27 '11 at 04:56

Cavin's gravatar image


i'm actually looking for virtual solutions. so why should i waste money? I won't because I would only be paying twice for twice the speed. that's good enough for me.

(Aug 27 '11 at 05:36) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image
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