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there said, that's my question so i'm asking for your experience guys just in case i happen to have that cash and decide which device with which OS to buy.

thanks.. :)


asked Aug 31 '11 at 21:42

xedric14's gravatar image


IMO open source is a trump card. Android wins every time.

answered Sep 01 '11 at 23:27

Drmgiver's gravatar image


They are completely different things. You cannot compare them.

The one that is best for you is the one that works for you the best.

answered Aug 31 '11 at 21:50

Jackster1337's gravatar image


edited Aug 31 '11 at 21:50

You mean I can't compare them like Mac and Windows? why?

(Aug 31 '11 at 22:31) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

Because they aren't the same. They are 2 different platforms.

(Aug 31 '11 at 22:53) avrgboy avrgboy's gravatar image

It is like comparing a banana, with an Apple Mac book.

(Aug 31 '11 at 22:55) Jackster1337 Jackster1337's gravatar image

They're all mobile operating systems, of course you can compare them.

(Sep 01 '11 at 12:08) eddieringle eddieringle's gravatar image

@eddieringle: that's what I thought too.

@jackster be more concrete man.. i don't get a thing.

(Sep 02 '11 at 00:17) xedric14 xedric14's gravatar image

I have to agree that a user can judge each mobile operating system they feel would work best for them.

(Sep 02 '11 at 01:54) Xiro Xiro's gravatar image
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Windows Phone 7 FTW!!!!!!

answered Sep 02 '11 at 02:28

korin125's gravatar image


oh yea, sorry i totally forgot about another contender, Windows Mobile. and yea, since I haven't tried them, why don't you guys compare them for me?

answered Sep 02 '11 at 04:05

xedric14's gravatar image


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