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At what age should a child be given a cell phone? Or should they at all? In my opinion I think they should be at least 14 or 15 before they get one.

asked Sep 01 '11 at 05:28

chadt4's gravatar image


I totally agree with you about 14 and 15. If you can physically survive with something, than it can't be too important.

(Sep 01 '11 at 05:40) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

No offense intended but I think that you mean without something. :)

(Sep 01 '11 at 11:26) Hugo Hugo's gravatar image

Ah, thank you. Too bad I can't edit my previous post.

(Sep 01 '11 at 16:32) catchatyou catchatyou's gravatar image

I think all children from the age of 4 or 5 should have a mobile phone of some kind, it gives them the ability to contact their parents or their guardian if they ever get in trouble and to contact the emergency services if they need to.

answered Sep 01 '11 at 05:35

markd12's gravatar image


edited Sep 01 '11 at 05:45

Yea, maybe like an old Nokia from 1999, or something basic not a HTC Thunderbolt.

(Sep 01 '11 at 05:46) DJ Scooby Doo DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

Exactly, i believe there is actually a very small phone that fits on a key ring, you can set it up so it will only call two three numbers, their mother, their father and the emergency services.

(Sep 01 '11 at 06:27) markd12 markd12's gravatar image

I got my first cellphone at 10, and I think that is where you start.

answered Sep 01 '11 at 05:37

DJ%20Scooby%20Doo's gravatar image

DJ Scooby Doo

I think no younger than twelve, because I'm 16, and I just got a phone, but I never use it. The only thing I can see it being handy for is if they're in middle school and they're calling their parents to get picked up after a sport practice.

A three year old does not need a cell phone. That's just ridiculous now.

answered Sep 01 '11 at 05:39

catchatyou's gravatar image


I agree. The most useful time to have it is before you can drive and you need to get a ride home from places you go.

(Sep 01 '11 at 06:28) Zane Harnish Zane%20Harnish's gravatar image

I got mine at 11 because middle school was further away and I needed a way to contact my parents incase something happened. Things have happened on the bus and it's come in handy real well there. I think 14 to 15 is a little old. They need a phone for school theycan use incase something happens. Plus teens need a way to to with their friends. It's even assumed these days my friends/classmates have phones. It's just something you need in today's world. Not a big smartphone, just a cell phone you can call and text your parents and friends on.

answered Sep 01 '11 at 11:15

lunertexcosmo's gravatar image


I got mine at 13/14 which was when I went to boarding school, so needed it to call my parents.

answered Sep 01 '11 at 11:43

DomChester's gravatar image


You can't ignore the social necessity of a mobile phone these days. I'm a nerd, so to me this kinda stuff is less relevant, but still I find that having a phone (in my case, an iPhone) is like driving a BMW - I would call it the post-modern equivalency of a d*ck extension. Of course you could live without one, but it makes life harder. My German teacher said that when you unconsciously judge a person, about 90% of your judgement derives from non-verbal aspects of the person, which includes looks, smells, and artifacts (phone, ear ring, that kinda stuff).

answered Sep 01 '11 at 17:53

xfbs's gravatar image


The age at which they're not stupid enough to give their number to EVERYONE.

answered Sep 02 '11 at 02:14

HerpDerp's gravatar image


i got mine when I was 9. I was mature enough to not be on it every god dam second unlike some kids. only used it to call my parents, driver and home.

answered Sep 04 '11 at 23:45

jaewan's gravatar image


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