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how does Chris get the chat on the bottom of the live video stream

asked Jun 06 '10 at 08:45

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edited Jun 06 '10 at 08:48

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BTW, I forgot to tell you, I edited your Question to take away some spelling problems...

(Jun 06 '10 at 22:19) CTCB CTCB's gravatar image

he uses Camtwist, it comes with an IRC thing, BUT, this is a big BUT, this is MAC ONLY software!!! I really hope this helps

answered Jun 06 '10 at 08:46

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The closest approximation for PCs seems to be WebCamMax. Chris says it's not nearly as good but it can embed those screen parts together in exactly the same way. Not sure if it can handle HD though.

(Jun 06 '10 at 08:47) tsilb tsilb's gravatar image

Thanks for helping enhance my post...

(Jun 06 '10 at 08:48) CTCB CTCB's gravatar image

Here you go -- http://chris.pirillo.com/how-to-stream-video/

Another livestreaming (though not 24/7 livestreaming like Chris does) website that uses CamTwist, UStream and similar tools as Chris -- running on Macs, of course -- is Spacevidcast.com. I can be found over there on Thursday nights (Friday's, coordinated universal time) during their weekly live space news & interviews broadcasts.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 08:48

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ageekmom ♦

edited Jun 06 '10 at 08:51

If you have Windows you can use something called Webcam max,you have to use something called Pip Source ( Video Overlay From A Selected Area On Your Desktop ) Try it out.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 08:49

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yep, Camtwist. I have used it before but only for a short while. I lost the name and was still trying to remember until christhecoolboy reminded me.

answered Jun 06 '10 at 08:50

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