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Last school year I made it my goal to not miss a day of school or be late for class. I accomplished that goal with ease. Only problem I had before last school year was actually going to school... Now that I am entering high school (tomorrow actually) I thought I try that again. But I'd also like to learn a new language (not with school).

I use to be in a specialized program (French immersion) where every class I had was in French (except English, science, phys. ed. and music). I was in French immersion for about 4 years (grade 4-8). English and French are quite similar, since they are related languages.

So I thought for the 4 years that I have in high school I would learn a new language that is not related to English or French. Cantonese is a little to difficult. I like the way Korean (Hangul) is written. But I like the way Japanese sounds. What is an easy way to learn Korean or Japanese (preferably Korean)? I'd like to learn it online, not in a class, something I can do on my own time.

asked Sep 05 '11 at 17:54

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You could try Livemocha, but I think you have to pay to get detailed lessons.

answered Sep 07 '11 at 07:51

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For Japanese look up the Pimsleur speak and understand essential Japanese. They are audio files you listen to, every session is about 40 minutes and there are 90 in total. I plowed through them in one month and I'm pretty solid in Japanese now. Of course the kanji is always a * -.- I know Pimsleur have made other languages but they really suck, japanese is by far the best from them. Korean is really easy to learn both writing and speaking. Cantonese and mandarin are easy to speak but damn hard to write :O ! I recommend the earworm type lessons because whenever you have some spare time you can hit one of these for example when on the bus or bored at class. Also go find some koreans/japanese whatever to speak to, they might give you some good tips and clarify some of the strange gramma existing in these languages.

answered Sep 05 '11 at 18:40

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